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Minecraft Logic 2 | Cartoon Animation

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Player is back in Minecraft, rebuilding the farm with his faithful sidekick Veterham. But when a Creeper comes and blows everything up, the two heroes set out on an epic quest of adventure. That is, until endermen, piglins and llamas get in their way…

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  1. It's easy to improvise q mountain into a house. All the foundations are there and you just need a little creativity. Super easy and your safe with a little light.

  2. Lamas in minecraft: does half a heart of damage
    Lamas in this video: ight so we kill in 4 spits

  3. player wants to find a house and he doesnt even have a iron, diamond, or even a stone sword

  4. That's why I never keep the llamas alive after seeing dumb deals of trader

  5. Ya know in my case, Hoglins are also up there for the biggest jerks.

  6. What if the lamas follow you into among us?

  7. 10:21 everyone gangsta until the llamas become FBI open up meme 2.0

  8. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💕💕

  9. I new that the ender man will take the chest

  10. The lamas are vengeful for player killing their owner and will kill and follow him till the end of time as long as he’s still playing minecraft, and will never forgive him for what he did, never.

  11. is this why my mom is obsessed with freaking llamas?

  12. I wanna see Minecraft Logic 5 for Caves and Cliffs

  13. My thoughts: king pig?

    My brain: Yes

    My thoughts: TECHNOBLADE!?

  14. Wait a second have you ever got three hits to death by lamas?

  15. Do nether village even exist its supposed to be bastion right???

  16. Minecraft – Among Us Part 2
    Creeper – Stoner
    Tradesman – The Gentleman.

  17. Wow he’s in creative mode how did he get a freaking obsidian and that flint and steel

    Well I already recognize the king it’s the freaking pig
    And I still don’t know why the freaking llamas just got into the nether

  18. Do you know gast of Minecraft deal or sad because I’m trying to attack your friends but I love your videos

  19. Копатыч Копать любит says:

    When I saw veterham with the crown it instantly reminded me of technoblade 😆

  20. Then why did you kill the villager now the llamas will hate you

  21. Twist one the player switches to creative and kills all the pigs.
    Twist two technoblade is king pig

  22. Why doesn’t Player just kill the llamas

  23. The huge army of piglins was defeated by TWO LAMAS is this possible?! XD

  24. Just because they want to revenge player XD

  25. GameToons fun fact: All the characters in this episode were voiced by just two people. Also, make sure to tune in this Saturday for the new Among Us Logic!

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