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Match stick puzzle | Puzzles with Answer | Feed Brain with Prema

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Match stick puzzle | Puzzles with Answer | Feed Brain with Prema
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Match Stick Puzzles
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  1. Why show us the count down ? KEEP THE PUZZLE ON THE SCREEN DURING THE COUNT DOWN!

  2. ..a square is a 4-equal sided form..with a 3-match sticks there is no way to do it..making a figure 4, as an alternatively is not the Correct Solution !.

  3. It would have been better if we can still see the puzzle to be solved while counting to 10……

  4. Not getting the 3 match = square, where's the square? Looks more like a 4

  5. I've actually figured out a legitimate way to solve the last one. Just tilt any one of the matches up on it's head, then you'll be looking straight down at the base of the matchstick, which is a perfect little square !. Surely I deserve a thumbs up for that solution ! lol

  6. How many matchsticks do you have to move to change “Comment how many you were correct” into proper English?

  7. Watched the first two and found different solutions for both. I think I will stop watching now.

  8. Last puzzle i can't understand 😂
    It really means how to make 4 in one move 🤪✌️

  9. The last one . Can someone explain to me how there is a square there? All I'm seeing is triangles. I always believed a square had 4 sides. Also, math was never my strong point.

  10. Stupid presentation. 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  11. For the first:

    remove one match from the plus to make it 9=9=9

  12. I don't like these things. Also don't like magicians.

  13. For the last one, I thought I had to make the square root symbol.

  14. Make a figure 4 – video not watched yet.

    Yup. Other questions silly.

  15. 0:57 I already have five squares, so i just need to remove only one matchstick from the center to get three.

  16. you only have one match. make it burn twice without relighting it or breaking it. answer. light it …..blow it out…..and immediately touch someone on the arm or hand with the hot part!! har har har har!!!!

  17. Given puzzles 2 and four are working with true four sided squares, potentially leads the reader to be tricked on number 5 using the same terminology. I enjoyed numbers one to four though😆

  18. how about leaving the problem up for more than 2 seconds…. dumd vid

  19. You have to look at the puzzle to solve it

  20. put the matches for the countdown at the bottom of the screen and keep the puzzle

  21. China laga diya re bhai tumne to bolatha squer bagane ko bolatha toh ye four kaha se aya

  22. The puzzle needs to stay for a while. Isn't it.

  23. The first one you just make the + into a – and use that stick to make the last one 0

  24. with all the extra angles, unfortunately it's not a "perfect" square.

  25. The + sign with something sticking out the top… is NOT a 'square'

  26. There is something wrong with your brain .Get it examined

  27. Where is the perfect square in the solution of last trick ??

  28. Question #5, your answer not correct, infact there is no answer. It's 4, where the square, don't make it imaginary answer.

  29. Красиво❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Aap question ke bich me se hata de Rahe Hai jisase hame problem ho rahi hai answer Dene me

  31. #5. We can also make Roman 4 i.e. I V as we already have a V and just have to keep a stick in front of the V at proper angle

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