LSAT Wizard Logic Games Explanations I LSAC Takedown for Copyright Infringement -

LSAT Wizard Logic Games Explanations I LSAC Takedown for Copyright Infringement

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LSAT Wizard Logic Games Explanations I LSAC Takedown for Copyright Infringement

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  1. It’s great stressing about working overtime during classes so I can pay for lsat prep I can’t afford while daddy’s money can buy someone else the same or a better score than me. One of the many ways the U.S. higher education system reminds us it is NOT a meritocracy.

  2. Tell it! We all know LSAC has way too much power and its business model isn’t conducive to creating an even “playing field” for those who went to prepare for the LSAT.

  3. Thank you! LSAC doesn’t consider the learning process for most students, I’ve used khan free and paid for material, it’s excruciating how different khan is from most other sources. I am retaking the LSAT, even after spending monies on sources, and honestly, it is still a gamble of what your going to receive as a student. LSAC having data that they pull from students, I remember the questionnaire on the test that ask, what preparation materials you use. If students self report, has LSAC considered evaluating Khan from another self disclosed student that says Powerscore or 7sage? Just because it’s free, to even the playing field, why is it designed in a way that doesn’t address the degree words or those harder questions? Why is free, the hand-me downs? Personally, it seems like as a non-profit, they are marking a checkbox and not using current information to gear Khan towards a more efficient program for the people that want to become attorney’s.

  4. Steve, this does seem contradictory of LSAC's professed commitment to equality of access. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that, especially with logic games, you're not looking for explanations for problems if you haven't already approached the problems—in one of the authorized published sources, which you have presumably already purchased.

    Watching an explanation of a LG problem blind, as it were, having not already seen the game, is not going to be very insightful or helpful. On the other hand, watching video explanations of LG problems that you've already attempted can be massively helpful—but, again, only if you already have access to the many crucial details of the games.

    Maybe LSAC is privy to certain marketing data that show people are buying fewer of their authorized published resources, but that would seem fishy to me. The explanations as they appear online, deracinated from their copyrighted content, would seem to be a benign influence on LSAC revenue streams, while being inestimably helpful to test takers.

  5. I totally agree. I sign up to try KhanAcademy and the course organization was very confusing alone in comparison to others I tried. Thank you 🙏🏾 for posting this.

  6. Thank you for posting! I was so confused! LSAT Wizard had me scoring -0 on Logic Games within one video. Ugh. It was so intuitive AND raised money for COVID relief!!!!

  7. What a bunch of shit I watched the first video and my mind was blown. In and out games are so easy now. The crush hater brother rules were game changers and I'm so disappointed they fucked us out of this great resource. It's also infuriating they boxed him in, and I really felt his pain when he said he wanted to fight but it would be an obscenely expensive legal battle that wouldn't be worth a few videos. The fact they use those legal thug tactics is so classless. This guy didn't deserve that, and we certainly didn't either.

  8. Excellent video Steve! Your videos Keep getting better and better. Keep this up!

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