LSAT | Test 87, Logic Game 4 - Charity -

LSAT | Test 87, Logic Game 4 – Charity

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LSAT | Test 87, Logic Game 4 – Charity


  1. Took me 10 minutes. This is one of the most brain tickling question i've ever seen on LSAT

  2. This is a poor setup. We know the contra positive is -L—>-M and that for sure will happen in 1 one the groups because of the max going 2x rule (L can’t go 3x). This means that there will for sure be a group of NPQ. so the question is where can that group go? Well we know P can’t go in group 3. So make 2 options. One with group 1 with NPQ and the second option with group 2 NPQ. Further, there has to be two L and that fills out one of the charts.

  3. I got stumped by this because I didn't recognize that the ML was an If M, then L

  4. Why can’t N go twice on Friday. eg Thrus: MLP Fri: NNP Sat: LMQ?

  5. The first deduction that L has to go Saturday was the key inference to solving the entire game. So, we need to make inferences before even starting the questions. Thanks!

  6. I think you really should have just split the game board on Q21, based on whether M appears twice. Because the fact that P and Q have to be on Friday is just not an immediate inference. Splittin the game board is a very intuitive approach. The position of M is given so it makes sense that M should be the splitting criterion.

  7. This problem stumped me so hard and you explained it so well. Thank you so much!

  8. Lsat god is an important lesson. I’ve spent too much time on questions trying to figure stuff out when the answer had something in it I figured out 45 seconds ago

  9. I really like the way that you approach the problems and explain them!

  10. So many skills were taught in this one video

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