LSAT PrepTest 79 Logic Game 4 (September 2016) six computers small network infected virus - 7Sage -

LSAT PrepTest 79 Logic Game 4 (September 2016) six computers small network infected virus – 7Sage

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LSAT PrepTest 79 Logic Game 4
September 2016 LSAT

There are exactly six computers—P, Q, R, S, T, and U—
on a small network.


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  1. Damn this game to hell. Haven't watched the explanation yet but I'm sure I'll stand by my opinion in 20 minutes and 39 seconds.

  2. All I need to do now is sharpen my spidey senses.

  3. did anybody write the december exam? There was a really unconventional game and I'm not sure if it was on the sample section or the real scored section for logic games.

  4. Why cant answer E work? U->R & S with R->Q and S->T->P

  5. i couldnt finish this game under time pressure but did almost the same setup shown in your video😢I am so frustrated

  6. Got 3 of the 6 right and couldn’t finish the last 3 as i ran out of time for the section. At least got 20/23 on the section, but rather have the 23/23.

  7. On question 22 aren't you violating the rule of "S transmits the virus to ONLY ONE other computer" by choosing answer choice C.

    Since S is transmitting to "U" and as a result ALSO (albeit indirectly) transmitting to "P."

  8. Why would you do rule change or additional rule questions first?

  9. I love how he slowed his speech down for this 😂 he used to sound like he was on coke on the early vids. In fact I’m so used to his old vids that I have to speed this up lol

  10. At 8:29 (where I am pausing) you have eliminated B, but you can go further and also eliminate E.

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