LSAT PrepTest 22 Logic Game 4 Full Tutorial (Questions 20-24) -

LSAT PrepTest 22 Logic Game 4 Full Tutorial (Questions 20-24)

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A full tutorial of Logic Game 4 from LSAT PrepTest 22, administered in June 1997.

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  1. there is just simply no way you can do this slow ass plug and chug shit and finish on time

  2. Hi there. Not sure if this channel is still running since the video is so old, but if it is, I have two questions. First, how did you learn to start seeing connections between rules and variables? Second, did you learn to do this at a speed that was consistent with the demands of the LSAT? I find that, given slightly more time, I can generally come up with all the right answers. But I usually cant keep all the variables in play in mind. The relentless checking and rechecking rules/variables slows me down to the point that I cant finish within the time given.

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