LSAT PrepTest 21 Logic Game 4 Full Tutorial (Questions 18-24) -

LSAT PrepTest 21 Logic Game 4 Full Tutorial (Questions 18-24)

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A full tutorial of Logic Game 4 from LSAT PrepTest 21, administered in December 1996.

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  1. doesn't k = 1 or 2 not mean that it doesn't repeat?

  2. Is it worth splitting the board for the two K options?

  3. I think technically HJ is not a block. It's a conditional statement where IF J THEN H precedes J. But you COULD have H w/o a J behind it.

  4. 3:34 inaccuracy. G cannot repeat so actually G cannot be in the fourth row.

    Why can’t G repeat? If it did it would either carry an O with it and O cannot repeat or it would carry a J which would carry an H, violating the rule about only one repeat. By similar logic, J cannot repeat.

    So we know that G has to either be with the solitary HJ pair or with the O in row 3. Further we know that row four cannot contain J,G, or O.

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