LSAT PrepTest 20 Logic Game 2 Full Tutorial (Questions 6-12) -

LSAT PrepTest 20 Logic Game 2 Full Tutorial (Questions 6-12)

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A full tutorial of Logic Game 2 from LSAT PrepTest 20, administered in October 1996.

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  1. hey guys tell me if R implies no N, why in case 4 we have R and N together in column 2? why does case 4 exist? EDIT: oh i got it! its because column 2 has elements that are not to be reduced so, it doesn't matter weather or not are they together.

  2. ☯ Yo, it's a Froggieee Onimations ☯ ✓ says:

    everyone here is a girl. is that what law school is like?

  3. I don’t understand why D is wrong for 11. I certainly under why C is correct but D seems correct also, can you have in: M R G S W and out: L P N. Doesn’t the L P rule allow for both L and P to be out? I can’t figure it out please help

  4. Would you mind explaining how can gpsw go in the second bottom graph that doesn't have a square? If gpsw go there, wouldn't that break the rule that only 5 are to be reduced? This #10 also got me very confused. Not sure if you have a better way of explaining it. Like how are we supposed to know we should repeat the LMR and get another 2 additonal results? Thx

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