LSAT Prep Test 68 Logic Game 4 Setup (December 2012) -

LSAT Prep Test 68 Logic Game 4 Setup (December 2012)

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The setup for the fourth Logic Game of the December 2012 LSAT.

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  1. Seven years later, but I have been looking at these interesting problems. A helpful tip is in the presentation above, where the two possibilities NFNFNF and FNFNFN are spelled out. I think I would have added to that the clarifying point (if I am correct) that W can never serve as a "substitute" for one or the other, but rather moves everything over to the right (like the spacebar on a keyboard). In other words if somewhere in the middle of our sequence the articles required are NFN and W is placed after that first N, the sequence is now NWFN, not NWN. But I also wonder if the deductions are complete. I could be wrong, but my suspicion is that , because of at least two rules, Y can never occupy any space less than 4 (I could be so wrong about this, but at the moment this is where I am at). Also, I would not use ">" to stand for "earlier than." Never seen that and it is confusing since in math it means of course "greater than" – the opposite of what is meant here once the sequence (numbered 1 through 7) is laid out.

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