LSAT Logic Games Strategy - Sorting Games -

LSAT Logic Games Strategy – Sorting Games

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The fifth lesson of the FREE LSAT prep course offered by Insight LSAT. This is a comprehensive course for LSAT preparation, taught by an instructor who scored 179 on the LSAT. We go through every section, providing expert advice, strategies, illustrations of methods, and more!

In this lesson, we move on to the second major type of logic game, sorting games. Strategies, diagrams, sample games and questions, and homework are all featured.

Topics include:
– general sorting game strategy
– basic (unfixed number) sorting games
– fixed number sorting games
– conditional sorting games
– sorting games with extra dimensions
– sequencing and sorting hybrids
– framing


  1. what was your score on the lsat??? I find your videos very useful, but as we all know time is not ones friend. Is there a way where you can do a few logic game examples at your test speed to give your audience a sense of how fast this can be done

  2. Also in critical choice question 3.. z>y (rule from the master diagram) also another reason why E was the wrong answer

  3. At 1:08:16 why is E a wrong answer? I thought you could not have garlic without Kale and vice a versa. Could someone please explain this to me?

  4. 55:30 – fixing number sorting – (E) also fills the positions in , why is E not the answer but (C) is ??!! – if h is in westlake then g in t and and e in t, if e is in t then f is in W. Putting D in T

  5. Help needed: in the extra dimensions example, no where does it say that there must be one m and one v at each location. How did you draw that inference?

  6. The diagram for the extra dimensions is not finished from the start. G must be under V leaving 2 spots. 1 of those 2 spots must be either E or L. Leaving F and H to be under the M category. That’s why it was harder to figure out. Once you take that extra step all the questions were easy.

  7. You helped me a lot prepping for the LSAT. I made the mistake of trying to learn it on my own and just taking the practice tests without knowing the background information of the questions given. You are amazing and I am so grateful that I found your youtube channel.

    P.S. I am in love with your voice <3

  8. Do you do online tutoring??? Is so what is a good way to connect with you?

  9. This is helping me a lot for the LSAT. Taking my test on 2/22/20.

  10. You're good thanks. Now buy a smart pen or whatever they're called :p

  11. Of all the videos on YouTube I found, do I ever appreciate your videos the most! Thank you again

  12. EXTRA DIMENSIONS, 1:16:25 – The rules don't say there has to be both a Vendor assistant and Marketing assistant at each event. There could be 2 Marketing assistants in Portland, per the rules? Right?

  13. I’d pay to see Esra and Lin on top of each other

  14. for the fixed number example how is "F" more connected or influential than "H?"

  15. for conditional sorting, it states that if barley is chosen than F cannot be chosen. But if D is chosen than CB is chosen which creates the contradictory statement that C must allow F and B cannot allow F. Can you please clarify this conditional sorting example?

  16. For the main example at the beginning, why couldn't W have P/Q and Y have U/S? Why does T have to be in one of those? It doesn't state that T MUST be in one or the other – just that it's an either/or scenario with P/T in one category and T/U in another category, so why couldn't T be in the final category, Z?

  17. Hi there, firstly you videos are incredible. Thank you so much for providing so much information & assistance! I have a question – 1:16:30(ish) – do we make the inference that one volunteer has to be M & one volunteer has to be V? Thanks!

  18. Why did he make the assumption that there needs to be one marketing assistant and one vendor assistant in each city? Does not say this nor imply this in any part of the question…

  19. The chart strategy you used here does NOT work well for problem on page 213. Does anyone have a different recommendation?

  20. Hi. For the Conditional Sorting (In/out) game, how do you diagram a rule like if F is in, both H and G out. I try to diagram it but my diagram is really messy and I cannot follow the arrows anymore.

  21. Quick thought: with the question at 1:20:00, I think there were several inferences that you didn't show. I think D always had to be a Portland Vendor and F + H always had to be Marketing.

  22. thank you for all you have done. this entire mini course is worth thousands and by far the best free prep on Youtube and I will be making a contribution

  23. for @52:20 , the condition was that if f patrols westlak, eastman patrols terry. Shouldn't F be in the westlak and eastman be in the terry?

  24. I like the dumb names, proves there is still some humor left!

  25. 1:16:28 Hi! May I ask how do we know that each event needs to be staffed by an M and a V? The setup doesn't say this, so do we just make that assumption?

  26. 1:53:30
    Hybrid Sequencing and Sorting
    I'm not sure if you pointed out explicitly that the order of the interviewees on a given day doesn't matter (i.e., their arrangement within a vertical column), and I'm not about to re-watch half an hour of this video to confirm that, but it's an important thing to remember if you're using the "framing" strategy.
    I spent about 20 minutes racking my brain and shouting at my laptop that there are more than 3 possibilities to arrange the letters (i.e., F can be in any of the 3 positions in the 3rd column) before realizing that it doesn't affect the outcome of the game.
    Feel free to make fun of me in the comments. I'm sure I'm not the only one though.

  27. 1:35:22 G has to be a particular type of assistant.

    F and H also have to be the same type, not necessarily G's type.

    However because E and L are different types of assistants, one of them will also be grouped with F and H. This rules out F and H being the same type as G.

    put differently, G and D MUST be of the same assistant variety. That CANNOT happen if G is assigned to Portland.

    But all that is assuming each city gets one type of assistant which I didn't get from the initial text lol

  28. I can't afford LSAT tutoring, and struggle most with the analytical reasoning section – your videos alone brought my practice scores from 149 to 162 🙂 Hoping to get 170+ before applying next year. Thank you so much, you are an excellent teacher

  29. Excellent videos, thank you for your time. For the problem at 1:20:00 the brute force is caused by missed inferences. F<->H cannot be vendors along with G, or else E is horizontal to L thus breaking a rule. (F<->H must be marketing) Also, since F<->H is at the top, you know the remaining spot has to be E/L to respect the E vertical to L rule. You can infer from this that there is no room for D at the top (since F-G-E/L is there, not necessarily in that order), thus D must be the Portland vendor. Knowing these added inferences, the brute force question becomes simpler: G clearly cannot be in Portland since it must be a vendor and D is the Portland vendor. Hope this helps.

  30. Easier way to think of the first one. Make worlds! If P or T has to be in Wax make two worlds. One with P and one with T and fill them out with the rules as much as possible. Same for Yes being either T or U. You only need to make 3 worlds. world 1= P in Wax and T in Yas. World 2= P in Wax and U in Yas (this world will be completely filled out with all 7 elements). World 3= T in Wax and U in Yas.

  31. Thank you so much for these videos :'). You don't even know how much of a help these are. You're a great teacher. I got every question right throughout this video on what used to be the most challenging section for me!

  32. You Make It More Understanding. Thanks Looking Forward to taking this Exam. It's going to be a Breeze!!!

  33. Great Teacher. Fun with you. Going to try it with my Kaplan LSAT Preparation!!!!

  34. Is logic games on the lsat flex, given the recent lawsuit? Sorting games are irrelevant when it comes to the study of law, in England they don't have to take this irrelevant test. Thank you for these tutorials

  35. 22:38 wtf ? 2(E) can be correct, where
    | T | S | P |
    | | U | Q |
    | | | |
    Am I wrong?!?…

  36. How can I tell when it's asking for contrapositive versus converse? How will I know which to assume?

  37. I try to read a lot and watch the logic games over and over again

  38. I had one question while doing a practice test. It said something like: There are 7 employees, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. One will get the raise. Here are the rules. Wait, what? I didn't have a clue how to set up the diagram for that!

  39. Just btw, I am 100% donating my score on the LSAT in dollars when I get my results back. These videos are a life saver, thanks bro

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