LSAT Logic Games Strategy (Part 1: Sequencing) | Insight LSAT Mini LSAT Prep Course (Lesson 4 of 8) -

LSAT Logic Games Strategy (Part 1: Sequencing) | Insight LSAT Mini LSAT Prep Course (Lesson 4 of 8)

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The fourth lesson of the FREE LSAT prep course offered by Insight LSAT. This is a comprehensive course for LSAT preparation, taught by an instructor who scored 179 on the LSAT. We go through every section, providing expert advice, strategies, illustrations of methods, and more!

In this lesson, we introduce you to the famous logic games section! We present general strategies for the section and also get into details for the first of two major game types – sequencing games – and some variations on that model. Examples of each game type variation are presented with diagrams and sample questions. There’s also homework listed for more practice.

Topics include:
– elements, positions, and rules
– diagramming logic games
– the two major types of logic games: sequencing and sorting
– major AR question types
– basic sequencing games
– sequencing games w/ extra dimensions
– relative sequencing games
– mismatched sequencing games


  1. Is 44:56 correct? It says two spaces in front of not two spaces between. I would have assumed that meant C space Q not C space space Q, but it was correct as shown in the video?

  2. 45' – "Cassandra must be two spaces in front of Quintin" – doesn't that mean they have one space between them? eg C is 1, Q is 3

  3. I had to pause the video to comment just how much I love this video! It is so helpful and you break it down and diagram in ways that many LSAT study class webinars do not. I am really starting to grasp this section which was the hardest of mine!

  4. Hi there, your video is so great and very helpful
    Do you know by any chance where I can find a full LSAT from the past?
    Thank you

  5. At 44:40 I believe you misinterpreted the rule. C being two spaces in front of Q would mean that there is actually only one element in between them, not two.

  6. Can someone please explain to me how the “Constanze starts in 5th” answer that makes it two possibilities? I only find one no matter how I slice it, and I can’t seem to find out how he’s getting to that answer… even when I replace the C—BE rule.

  7. You are awesome! Just could not get my head around logic games until I found your video.

  8. Wow Thank you so so much!! I’m self studying and this is exactly what I was looking for. You really do sound like Steve from blues clues which I loved growing up so very comforting while tackling this LSAT Challenge 😂🤗

  9. these are the best free videos! thank you for helping someone who truly cannot afford to pay for a course. Good karma~~

  10. Are these methods still applicable for LSAT's administered currently? (2020) Has anyone taken the LSAT more recently that can confirm ?

  11. I would like to thank you for sharing this information. At first the logic games seemed intimidating now I actually enjoy them

  12. Thank you for all the memories I've shared with you, and I can't wait for what crazy adventure we're going to go on next. So thank you for accepting me, loving me, and supporting me. Thank you for being your wonderful self, and thank you for being there for me, through thick and thin, even when I'm at my lowest.

  13. You're teaching methods are incredible. Also one point in 1:08:09 I went straight to c cannot be in first position it saved some time when considering if be was in the second position. You have definitely helped build my quick thinking skills back and to keep it simple. You help build confidence over time I was so worried about this section. You're tone is clear explanations reinforcing and symbols very legible. Thank you guru

  14. 45:59 Do we assume Lendyll is before Felicia? Is there only specific number of people? Is it the exact same 3+people. I want to understand how we recognize Lendyll's position with Felicia. Please somebody tell me.

  15. 1:09, besides there being no room for G, C cannot go to 1 either. So two conditions apply here,

  16. I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting these videos. With your help I went from a diagnostic score of 153 to a 168 on the August 2020 LSAT! These videos were an integral part of my studying routine and I truly believe that I could not have achieved my score without them. Thank you thank you thank you!

  17. I don't think PT34 S4 (p211) is a sequencing game. It's more like grouping. Completely through me off my loop.

  18. For the example around 12:35, a questions that use the same set up, do we use treat an answer to "must be true" (if it proceeds another question for the same set up) as a fact to help us answer following question or do we answer questions only with the information provided in set up? thanks 🙂

  19. 44:50 In my mind, "Cassandra must be two spaces in front of Quintin" means "There must be one person between Cassandra and Quintin," not "There must be two people between Cassandra and Quintin."

    Similarly, if the rule had said "Cassandra must be exactly one space in front of Quintin," I would think that meant she was directly in front of Quintin, not that there was one person between them.

    Edit: I just read through the comments and realized somebody else already pointed this out 🙂

  20. Amazing video, but I hate how many times I had to hear the word "chunk"

  21. Thank you for your help in understanding logic games! I am taking the test in February! Wish me luck!

  22. I just want to say a quick thank you, these videos are helping me immensely and I feel like I will be so much more prepared. Thank you!

  23. how many sheets of paper do you get during the LSAT?

  24. Thank you for this video, I understand a lot better!

  25. I like how excited you get when you identify a new CHONK. For real though, this was extremely helpful and a great way to practice, thank you for explaining in such stepped detail

  26. 823,543 different ways to put it together. I did the math to see if I could guess on it, but I don't think the odds of 823,543:1 are in my favor.

  27. I'm shocked that in all these logic games the elements start with different letters… I would expect the creators of the test to make them all start with the same letters to keep making things more confusing for the test-taker. 🙄
    Thanks for these awesome videos! I'm feeling pumped to take the LSAT soon! You rock

  28. Relative sequencing: lol poor Ponzi. Such a floater 🤣 thank you for this!

  29. These videos are honestly my saving grace. I feel on fire with these practice questions!!! Also, I bought the prep book that's recommended for before finding out about these videos — I literally only have the correct book out of sheer luck lol

  30. I know it's been said, but this is super helpful thank you!

  31. Logic, yah and Analytical Reasoning of Calculus … ? It is Logic, as well of the a b of it.

  32. For the Mismatched Sequence you also know that C has to in 4 or 5 since you know A has to be in 3 or 4.

  33. 1:56:25 why not just extend that condition into the out section since that is representative of not being in the line-up?

  34. Example diagram 💪🏻😁 A-C-G-D-F-B-E 🙏👏😊

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