LSAT Logic Games - Score Improvement Drill -

LSAT Logic Games – Score Improvement Drill

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A quick simple drill that will help you improve your LSAT Logic Games Score. Much better than just doing section after section.


  1. @KMERC007 Sorry about the late response, somehow I missed this comment. Feel free to get in touch with us directly through the Alpha Score Website or at 1-877-LSAT-PRO and we can help answer any questions you have about the course.

  2. Can anybody help me please! I just finish taking a powerscore class which was not completely bad but I truly didn't get much from it and it was mainly because of the intructor. He was horrible. Smart at the lsat but a horrible instructor. I'm interested in giving alpha score a chance but after my fiasco with powerscore i'm afraid of wasting more money(times are hard =D) Anyhow has anybody taken alpha score and how has it workout? I have try the free trial but it is not enough for me to make an

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