LSAT Logic Games | Logic Games Basics | How to Diagram LSAT Logic Games -

LSAT Logic Games | Logic Games Basics | How to Diagram LSAT Logic Games

The LSAT Trainer
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. LSAT Logic Games Basics – Diagramming LSAT Logic Games

*Please note that the game used is a sample game, and not an official LSAC game.

“LSAT Logic Games can be intimidating, but they are very learnable.

When you first start studying, it can feel like there are countless different types of games that you have to master.

However, the truth is, all of the games that have appeared in the modern era can be defined in terms of just a few characteristics: 7, to be exact.

My name is Mike Kim, and I am the author of the LSA Trainer.

I want to share with you some thoughts about the basic design of all LSAT Logic Games, and I also want to highlight the one skill that is most important to Logic Games success — your ability to diagram.”


  1. Hi Mr. Kim i just wanna thank you for your videos because of it I was able to pass the LSAT exam in my country (PhiLSAT). May you continue posting such helpful videos..God Bless 😊

  2. I learned logic games from Resident Evil games. Thanks Capcom.

  3. Teachers know what it's like to be students, yet students have no idea of what it's like to be a teacher. He is talking WWWAAAAAAAAY too fast.

  4. Ok, your book is a tad painful but I like you after watching your video.

  5. I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear the breakdown of how many games involve sequencing and how many involve grouping. It often seems like the possibilities are endless, but it's comforting to know that I only need to master 7 types.

  6. Mike, I’m switching from PowerScore to your LSAT Trainer book for the Logic Games. Fingers crossed my diagramming improves

  7. It's not an LSAT test question…It's a game!!!! Brilliant!

  8. I couldn't understand how h and k could play one another until I realized h could play at the end w k…ohhhh #ahamoments. Thank you this was very helpful!

  9. why did you put L at the bottom an F on top. would things change if L was on top and F was at the bottom

  10. your videos are so awesome! it breaks the sections down in a way that is easily digestible

  11. I've never looked at an LSAT question before. So I paused this video to do the question and decided if I get it right I'd commit to start my LSAT study with the goal of going to law school and if I didn't I'd give it up. I got it right and my notes and logic we're identical! I feel pleased and I'm going to pursue studying.

  12. Took me 5min and I chose answer D. No cheating.

  13. Hey Mike. Quick background: I am 27 now, and I have been working in law since I turned 21. I file clerked for a few years, and decided later to get my paralegal certificate. The firm I worked at never noticed my skills, or cared about helping me learn or grown. In fact, they did the opposite. I consistently lived in fear of going to work. I needed to make a change. Earlier this year, I was laid off, quarantine hit, and I decided it was time to get passionate about something again. I thought, maybe I should take the LSAT. See where I score. I did some research, and found your book. I bought it off amazon (the 2nd edition!), and Preptest Vol. 5 without any hesitation. I am on week 2 of the 8 week program, and I must say, it has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Your book is AMAZING. I feel like I’m right in front of you while I read, and I am learning SO much from it. I wanted to say thank you for writing such an amazing book. I feel the passion I once had for law again. I have no doubt, with hard work, I am going to do well. Thanks for all you do. I am excited to see where all this takes me.

  14. Mike Kim, you are absolutely the best. I am still shit all around for the lsat, but your book atleast makes it fun to learn

  15. Hey, so I don't exactly feel like doing logic games is easy for me yet, I just want a clear understanding on how to do them just for extra clarification.

  16. i have watched this video about 10 times making sure that i have everything down, i have my notes out and add more notes. this is such a helpful video and will be taking the LSAT this coming year. i have purchased your book on amazon and am very confident in saying that everyone should go out and buy it.

  17. Thank you so much I bought the book and terrified;-) I'm on day 3 wish me luck!!

  18. He made it sound so easy!!! This video was very helpful. I am hopeful now!

  19. I was so intimidated when I first saw that question but this video really helped! Thank you!!! <3

  20. I just finished crying because I could NOT understand how to diagram in the LSAT trainer. Im hoping these videos help

  21. Its clear, but might be a bit too fast to have explanatory value to someone who doesn't already know it…

  22. I'm so excited! After scoring low for June and July 2020 LSAT (with an 18 point increase btwn exams) I have come up with new studying strategies to raise my score for the November LSAT, I came across your series of videos and bought the book. In just doing the practices tonight, I have gotten all of the Logic Games correct with my own diagramming. I believe that I can raise my score another 18 points by November. There IS hope! Thank you!

  23. Mike I'm loving your book and it's so cool to see these videos because as I read, I can pair the words with your voice haha. Thanks a lot!

  24. Omg!!!!! I actually got it..failed at prep course before. This guy explains it so simple and easy to catch on.

  25. The end of the video makes no sense to me. The grouping makes sense, but flying through the last few minutes you lost me.

  26. Can you explain, should we write out every possible diagram/world/setup every question? Or would that be a waste of time?

  27. I solved it myself <3 though not too fast. Thanks! Very interesting

  28. This is great. Where can we get more practice problems like these (besides purchasing a book)?

  29. Do you (or anyone reading) have tips for puzzles without any constant rules? i.e all rules are A…B…C, X…B, etc, with no hard or semi-hard placements? Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension came so easily to me, but oh my god Analytical is kicking my ass, even with a background in programming. Thank you!

  30. Do tons of practice tests you’ll all get it eventually… there are only so many game types

  31. Best video ever! I’ve taken the LSAT once already and was nervous. This time around I am confident with what you’ve taught me.

  32. I feel like I need a video on the notation

  33. I hired a private virtual tutor for the LSAT. And man watching these videos make the guy seem incompetent. He's actually very intelligent but doesn't teach well. This video on Logic Games has helped far more than my past two months with the tutor. Thank you very much!

  34. Wait, I did the same diagrams as you but did not get D as the answer.

  35. What helped me connect to the understanding was to note J/H/I in the top row of game 1, 2, and 4. I could then visualize that those three entities could not be separated into a new match, thus showing how H and J could never play each other.

  36. its very cool teaching! will it understanding for 8 y.old boy, who is very interesting in coding ? please grandma likes to know, thank you

  37. I cannot begin to tell you the excitement I felt when I knew I got the answer right omg

  38. i did it right but got the answer wrong because i read it wrong. Now…..i feel dumb.

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