LSAT | Logic Games | General Approach -

LSAT | Logic Games | General Approach

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LSAT Logic Games Strategies

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  1. Amazing teacher, easy to understand, gentle while taking questions, firm with sharing fundamentals. THANK YOU !!!!!!

  2. Awesome. Thank you sir. I cracked up when you said the bitcoin thing and it totally fell flat. I got it. It's a good analogy.

  3. This was super helpful. I like how these guys are straight forward. No non important information.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this video. It was very helpful and I think I actually learned something. Where are the in-person classes held and how much?

  5. I am in pursuit of a criminal justice degree. I was told about the LSAT and trying to familiarize myself with this. Thank you,

  6. Found the part about using ifs to answer global questions really helpful! Thanks

  7. Man,thank you for existing. Because you teach very well. Some other youtube LSAT channels are far too verbose and inane

  8. Where are your group classes located? I would love to join. Great examples & teaching strategies.

  9. where does his class take place? He's very helpful

  10. This is really helpful. I was already using these strategies without realizing what they were. Very reaffirming!

  11. You look like you should be in Bad Religion. Great lesson btw!

  12. The worlds one is such a life-saver! It keeps everything clean and gives a general perspective! Thank you!

  13. Wow! 🤩 exactly what I was looking for bro! You’re amazing man! God bless you dude!

    You got me so confident now and I’m feeling so much more ready to take the LSAT

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