LSAT Logic Games Basics in 10 Minutes -

LSAT Logic Games Basics in 10 Minutes

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LSAT Logic Games Basic Overview in 10 Minutes of all major LSAT Logic Games types, LSAT conditional reasoning, and basic LSAT Logic Games explanations.

LSAT Logic Games Explanations:

0:00 Ordering / Sequencing Logic Games

2:36 Grouping Selection Logic Games

6:05 Grouping Splitting Logic Games

8:39 Grouping Matching Logic Games


This video is a sample of what you’ll get in my LSAT courses:

LSAT Logic Games Articles:

Free Book of 10 Unofficial LSAT Logic Games:

LSAT Relative Ordering Logic Game:

LSAT Relative Ordering Logic Game Explanation #1:

LSAT Relative Ordering Logic Game Explanation #2:

LSAT Strict Ordering Logic Game:

LSAT Strict Ordering Logic Game Explanation:

LSAT Grouping Selection Logic Game:

LSAT Grouping Selection Logic Game Explanation:

LSAT Logic Games That Repeated (see 1st category for LSAT Grouping Games):

LSAT Grouping Selection Logic Game:

LSAT Grouping Splitting Logic Game Explanation:

LSAT Grouping Matching Logic Game:

LSAT Grouping Matching Logic Game Explanation:


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  1. With grouping splitting games that have subscripts, do you flip the subscripts too when doing the contrapositive?

  2. I love that you use these tree diagrams for games that I never thought to use them in. There so much simpler than trying to make in and out columns.

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