LSAT Introduction To Logic Games -

LSAT Introduction To Logic Games

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Welcome to the ONLY comprehensive, complete and totally FREE LSAT prep course. Brought to you by the nation’s #1 digital legal study resource, and used by more Pre Law & current Law students than any other law study product. Click the link below to view Part 2 of our FREE Logic Games lesson!


  1. Why have a video if you can't even respond to comments made on the video? Hmm

  2. Great explanations and the video is enjoyable to watch, I put it on 1.25speed and makes it so much better

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you for these lessons. Your casebriefs online really help me out as well. You are highly intelligent & I know your parents are proud of you

  4. Thanks for the tips and others ways to do the diagrams.

  5. At 23:30 I believe you made a mistake. "M" is not a viable option for position 6 because there must be exactly 2 "M"s. "G" is the only viable character for position 6. Also, Thank you so much for doing these videos!

  6. 30 mins to explain a logic game yet I'm still confused, don't get how the LSAT Superprep suggests spend a 1 minute 25 seconds average for each question hmmm……………….

  7. so funny. "logic games are the scariest" … I thought it was the most interesting, that's why I clicked

  8. Hey everyone! Prospective law student here. I was wondering how many hours you put into studying daily/weekly? If you feel like being extra descriptive, elaborate on your study schedule and whatnot. Thanks so much, and good luck (or good job)!!!

  9. Does this mean Guadalupe cant be in 3 as well?

  10. helpful tricks on carrying work over, but the video could be cut down to 15 mins.

  11. How do you diagram that something must be in the slot immediately before or after, instead of just before or after?

  12. give me three likes and i'll go to law school

  13. should be some way to remember that only one G will be between two Ms … under pressure you might think it's a general rule, after a minute or so …

  14. This is very poorly presented . This is very simple using a grid … he’s complicating this far too much …. basic mathematics .

  15. You guys may laugh at him now, but this guy slays pussy

  16. Hi CaseBriefs,
    I'm not sure how to solve my problem but here's my issue. As a small business owner I have prided myself on being the guy in every group who thinks outside the box and finds solutions that no one else may have thought of; I tend to think about problems in very unorthodox ways. Having based my identity around thinking like this, I have real issues when it comes to thinking inside the box, specifically with a test like the LSAT, a test that only rewards thinking inside the box. How can I go about learning to think more inside the box?

  17. I am taking the Lsat on June 03, 2019… I just began my class on blue print…. I am really nervous about. 3 months to prepare!

  18. please never let your hair hang in your eyes like that i was distracted the whole time like a hair up my ass i mean its just wrong and aggravating but thank you for the lesson

  19. Is there some kind of something before this because its hard to follow when you don't know or have the test questions he's talking about here. I wish these people doing videos would do so without assuming someone has the same papers he has in front of his face…

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