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LSAT In and OUT Games

LSAT Marathon
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Hello everyone!

I have a small window of days that I am available to tutor full-time June 12 to June 21.

If anyone is interested in lessons during this window, please book time on my calendar. My rate is $100 CAD or about $75USD per 75 minutes.

Please note that I am not available for future lessons after June 21.

LSAT In and Out games are a great way for you to improve your conditional reasoning skills. You can learn some of the ways that I solve these in and games, and implement them in your practice tests!



  1. Dude these videos are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!!

  2. @LSAT Marathon I think I found a problem at 24:53. Please correct me if I am wrong. I don't think that Britney can be hired. Because the converse of "If F then B", is "If B then F." And you are saying Brtiney is hired. Therefore Frank must be hired. However, Frank is not hired in your work. Therefore the answer of Britney being hired must be wrong.

  3. For clue 1, shouldn’t the clue be be N —> ~B / ~D ? If it were “she can’t go to Boston AND she can’t go to Denver” like what you said, the clue would be phrased “If Ruth visits New York, she will not go to Boston NOR Denver.” and the clue would be written as N—> ~B & ~DI understand that “or” does not exclude “both” but it should still be written with an “/“ sign.

  4. The games are so interesting, generally; fun. Some of the granularity, though, can be hard to pick up, as its so nuanced. Thank you. P

  5. Thank you! Games 1 and 2 in here were super helpful. I don't see how #3 was an in/out game though! It it strictly sequencing.

  6. for question 4 isnt Boston also affected by NewYork being in the mix?

  7. As someone trying to self-study for the LSAT without breaking the bank, videos like this are godsends. Thank you so much, this is so helpful!

  8. Game 1; question 1 is not phrased such that it asks for which response could be a complete list of cities Ruth did visit on her trip; it asks for all of the cities she could visit, not necessarily implying they have to be an acceptable itinerary. I.e. the answer as it’s phrased is just all of the cities. Was this an actual LSAT question or one you wrote?

  9. Youre amazing! I dont have a ton of money to study for the LSAT, but I desperately need my LG score up. Your videos are lifesavers!!!

  10. In question 2. T would be a necessary for A but not N could be true because we don't know B. Or am I confused. So the answer should be B or not?

  11. I have spent weeks trying to grasp these concepts. I bought numerous books. The logic games section was my worst section. Thank you so much for this thorough break down. Your videos are extremely helpful.

  12. for the first question about the one that asks about hiring candidates how would you solve this question if there were no answer choices ( which normally i would think would be the case in treal life)?

  13. at 13:45…I don't understand. If Ruth = N then Ruth NOT B or D. Is it because it says or and not and? Because sometimes it's the opposite.

  14. For the question about the musicians number 3 couldn't perform on Saturday if Allan performs 1 p.m on sunday Fred at 2 pm Sunday and Danielle at 3 pm Sunday that leaves Erin with 1 or 3 pm saturday on Sunday at 1:00 pm ( because Danielle must perform before erin

  15. So my point isn't it not necessarily true thar Erin performs on sunday

  16. I am not understanding if we have the rule if f is in than b is in, the contrastive is if f is out than be is out,.. how is Brit hired?

  17. is anyone else seeing this: for the question 1 regarding the musicians: ( " if allan performes on sunday which of the following cannot be true" is it not possible for erin to perform on sunday since allan would performa at 1:00 pm sunday and there since ben and caleb must be consequtive ( same day) they would either fill the 2:00 3 p.m. time slot sunday or some other time saturday but one of them would fill the 2:00 p.m. slot saturday that would leave fred working sunday 2:00 p.m. ( according the rules) which would regardless leave danielle for sunday at 3:00 p.m. since she has to work before erin ( so she she would have to take the earler sunday slot leaving erin with the later day of saturday) what am i missing here?

  18. in other videos i have seen the strategy to solve the lsat as first setting up the board makin g deductions and only afterword's trying to answer the question here if i understood this correctly it seems as though we are first going to the question then fitting the information into the board accordingly while checking through the list of rules. which one is it. if it depends on the situation then which strategy do i use when.?

  19. it would be helpful to make a video with these types of questions ( or at least involve this type of thinking) but with situation that apply in the field of law

  20. Would five work for Ruth visiting that amount of cities? If she visits new York she can't visit two cities.

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