LSAT Blog - PrepTest 73 Logic Game 4 - Flower Bouquets (September 2014 LSAT) -

LSAT Blog – PrepTest 73 Logic Game 4 – Flower Bouquets (September 2014 LSAT)

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This is LSAT Blog’s explanation for LSAT PrepTest 73 Logic Game 4. It’s the game about Flower Bouquets from the September 2014 LSAT.

lilies, peonies, roses, snapdragons, tulips, flowers

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  1. C is the right answer bc it doesn’t work. The only flowers left are tulips and lilies. But neither work: tulips require peonies, and lilies require roses. You didn't explain that

  2. Your answer for 23 is wrong. If C works, it shouldn't be the answer because the question asks for which CAN'T be true…

  3. Can anyone clarify question 21please. If Bouquet 3 has SR, doesnt that go against rule #4 contrapositive which states if S then no R and no L?

  4. Can you please start filming games again?

  5. C is the correct answer but you explain it incorrectly. If you have LPR in 2, must have SPR in 3. Then 1 can’t have SPR. It therefore can’t have L (need R) or T (need P), so nothing available in 1. C is the correct answer.

  6. you said for question 23 c would be perfectly fine, but the question is asking which one of the following cannot be true

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