LSAT Blog - PrepTest 62 Logic Game 2 - Stained Glass Windows (December 2010) -

LSAT Blog – PrepTest 62 Logic Game 2 – Stained Glass Windows (December 2010)

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  1. What made you decide to create multiple tables in this situation? Was it because theres a limited number of variables, ie colors, and one very restrictive rule, ie. Y?

  2. I have a question. I know it's a grouping game but how did you know to group it vertically. I got the rules and set the contropostives. My mistake in this one was when I grouped it by the set of windows.

  3. I have a question. I am unsure as to how/why you drew your game board as a 3x3x3. Are the windows limited in this way? Having this limitation to my diagram makes solving all the questions relatively straightforward but I do not have the initial understanding as to why it is a 3x3x3, when the only restriction I can see is: each window will contain at least two different colors of glass. This then means to me that the diagram should be at least a 2x2x2 and with the implication of the other rules, sometimes a window could have more than 2, and I am wondering why some windows couldn't have more than 3?

  4. Why do we put y twice right at the beginning?

  5. Can you explain why P and O can be together in question 8? There is a rule if p no O. You just jumped to answer C without explanation

  6. Why did you choose to split the gameboard with y?

  7. Thank you for this. I needed help with this game.

  8. You made a mistake at the end: in question 13 when it says none contains both R and O, that means IF R than NOT O. It does not mean IF NOT R than O (and the contropositive).

  9. can someone please explain why G/P couldn't be the complete combination for question 11? he said it wasn't an option but it's listed as C and that's the answer I chose initially.

  10. How is #9 even a valid question?? The correct answer only allows for one R (rose) and the rules state we must have exactly two.

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