LSAT Blog - PrepTest 57 Logic Game 3 - Toy Dinosaurs (June 2009) -

LSAT Blog – PrepTest 57 Logic Game 3 – Toy Dinosaurs (June 2009)

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  1. Hi Steve,Thank you for the explanation of this game – very helpful. I have a strategy question for you that is probably best exemplified by question 14 on this game. When given a global "could be true" question early on in a game where you don't really have previous work to refer to, is the only move to take to plug, chug, and check the validity of the answer?Obviously it worked out here because answer A was correct, but I'm just imagining if answer choice A was really answer choice E, one would have to spend a good amount of time plugging, chugging, and eliminating the validity of A -> D. Some of us are better super computer robots than others, but I'd guess that whole process would take me at least 90-120 seconds minimum. Are there any other techniques/tips you have for navigating this type of situation more quickly? Thanks.

  2. Came across this while taking a practice test and actually thought it was a mistake,, impossible and made no sense. Now I’m starting to see.. 😂

  3. Thank you! Your voice is so relaxing. I could listen to it for hours.

  4. Thank you SO much! This was very helpful. I saw another explanation of this video that was just doing way too much. Thanks for posting!

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