LSAT Blog - PrepTest 53 Logic Game 2 - Architects' Designs (December 2007) -

LSAT Blog – PrepTest 53 Logic Game 2 – Architects’ Designs (December 2007)

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  1. This just happened to me so be aware that the test makers bury this trap into analytical reasoning. With a setup like this, it looks like you may have to account for four different potential scenarios given the two either or rules. You could spend a ton of time combining each of these rules with the stable rule (in this case rule 1). But if this is an earlier game check the questions first. Five of the six questions are answered using rule one. The only one that involves the either or scenarios is dead simple and only requires using a single rule. Since your biggest challenge on AR is time, many AR sections intentionally try and to syphon it through needless work. In my experience (having done roughly 50 practice tests) the second game is especially prone to this trap. Be aware and, on early games, try a question or two before doing the work of expanding your diagram needlessly.

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