LSAT Blog - PrepTest 41 Logic Game 4 (October 2003) - Circular Picnic Table -

LSAT Blog – PrepTest 41 Logic Game 4 (October 2003) – Circular Picnic Table

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  1. That’s wrong. K can’t be next to H, not F. The second question is wrong

  2. I find the easiest way to approach this game is by fixing the O-I pair, since the F-G can always be flipped. I also recommend drawing a square instead of the axes to save yourself some doodle work.

  3. You are the man and I'm suprised I'm the first person commenting. Found you on Reddit!

  4. you're amazing! please add more explanations it helps a lot

  5. around 12:52 on the video there's a mistake. you place H/ on the bottom left as a possibility next to K but that isnt possible given the HK cannot be next to each other rule

  6. "This is rare" yeah I went in with that mindset and never studied them, I got a circle game on the LSAT! Study this ya'll. I only watched a portion of this video and it helped tremendously

  7. Do you have any videos on games about being seating around a square table?

  8. This guy has horrible explanations… its actually embarassing he does this for a living and is still absolutely horrible at teaching.

  9. made a mistake at 4:21, you cant infer that K will not be in those positions. Please dont upload false information, its extremely negligent and unaccomodating.

  10. This game totally ruined my perfect game score and the rest of my night tbh.

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