LSAT Blog - PrepTest 33 Logic Game 2 - Birds in the Forest (December 2000) -

LSAT Blog – PrepTest 33 Logic Game 2 – Birds in the Forest (December 2000)

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  1. Why did you like one of the comments here but not take the time to answer people’s questions? Even if the answer directs them to your blog or another video where they could glean further information, it would be better than altogether ignoring them wouldn’t it? I just wonder if it would be a waste of time for me to inquire further about the concepts you present in any of your videos, because you don’t have the time or is there another reason that renders you unable to respond to your viewers?

  2. Why can't I have your brain?! 😭😭😭

  3. are all games that have the causality stuff have variables that all link together in some way?

  4. Hi,

    For question #7, can you explain how J & S can be in the forest at the same time? I would think at the most there is one other bird in the forest because of the 4th rule.

  5. Hello,

    For question #11 I'm having trouble understanding what happens with W. How do I know when a variable is no longer bound to the rule or it's a "free" variable?

    Thank you

  6. Should we always link "as we go" like you did here?

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