LSAT Analytical Reasoning: Dealing with Timing Pressure in LSAT Logic Games -

LSAT Analytical Reasoning: Dealing with Timing Pressure in LSAT Logic Games

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LSAT Analytical Reasoning: Dealing with Timing Pressure in LSAT Logic Games to Achieve Your Best LSAT Score

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  1. eleven years later and this is helping me. "games are entirely about timing" is a really tough pill to swallow but you make a great case.

  2. I like this guy no bs and straight to the point and he's funny I've watched so many LSAT videos and they are just godawful boring

  3. @PuyArus2

    We do online prep as well, including about 10.5 hours of videos like this one. Please feel free to call 212-249-2718 or drop a line to [email protected]. We can set up a time to talk further.

  4. this guy is the shit. I have my test tomorrow and have learned more from him RIGHT NOW than I have in the past few months

  5. Thanks so much. this gave me a peace of mind as im drilling grouping games

  6. at the end: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I'M DONE. drops the mic peace out.

  7. My problem with logic games is that I always panic. When I do, I end up not being able to finish the section, which knocked me out of the 170 range. Thank you so much for your advice. I'm taking the LSAT soon (and for the first time eeek!) and I will make sure to calm the heck down!

  8. Thank you, I appreciate it when those with advanced knowledge and skills takes the time to share thereby assisting in the interested party's success. 🙂

  9. Brilliant. No fluff here. You hit all the important points. Highly relevant, digestible, and straight-to-the-point. I will watch the entire collection of these videos. Thank you.

  10. Nice video…but calling it Analytical Reasoning when 99.9% of people call that section Logic Games was just so distracting.

  11. Very helpful to the point. Consistent with work ethic.

  12. While all of you in the comments are claiming this video is so great it really isn’t. His main basis on doing the best is cutting the possible worlds from 25 to only 3, but he literally doesn’t explain how to do this at all in the video. He just says he’ll show us how to do it later but doesn’t?!

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