LSAT 88 Logic Game 3 (Flower Game) GREATLY SIMPLIFIED!! -

LSAT 88 Logic Game 3 (Flower Game) GREATLY SIMPLIFIED!!

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  1. It's so easy to see the answer to 17 with your diagram. 🙂 . If 1H and 1R is the new rule for at least 2 or more people/ bouquet, then the doubled flower must be: 2 G or 2 L. BUT, Since only one double L is allowed, all other doubles must be G. Hence, e is correct, without even going through a,b,c, and d. Thanks!

  2. Can you please make an explanation for game 4 LSAT 88?

  3. at 8:40 Why can't we also have 2H under W? For instance 2H, 1G and 1L? Thanks!!

  4. Hi, are you providing the explanations of the PT 82 through 92+ in any of your plans? I am unable to decide what plan to choose from as I am mostly interested in the explanations of the last 10-20 PT of the LSAT! I already have purchased the 92 + PT from LSAC and need the professional explanations. Thanks!!

  5. Why does he keep saying that the setup is large

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