LSAT 79 Logic Game 4 (Viruses) -

LSAT 79 Logic Game 4 (Viruses)

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  1. For Q22, answer choice B, he's incorrect in his explanation in saying that R could have led to U, then P.. If T goes to Q, then Q must go to R and S; then S must goes to one other computer, which can only be U, which itself must be the one to go to P…OR T could have also gone to P, leaving U going nowhere.

  2. Precise and breezy explanation! Bravo.

  3. ummm at 4:45 “the computer goes to R also goes to S” doesn’t mean the computer that goes to S also goes to R. False reversal in logic. The diagram you drew shows that you understood it as the computer goes to S also goes to R. This is not given and you assumed this to be true. Dangerous move

  4. 200 iq breezing through a hard game without a single upfront deduction

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