LSAT 101 Pt. 2: Logic Games with Matt Shinners | Manhattan Prep -

LSAT 101 Pt. 2: Logic Games with Matt Shinners | Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep
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Why is the Logic Games section on the LSAT?

How many different types of Logic Games are there?

What are the rules of these games?

What’s the secret to doing well on Logic Games?

In the second installment of our LSAT 101 video series, Matt Shinners (read his bio here: ) walks you through the basics to keep you going on your journey to conquer this at-times daunting test.

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  1. Why does this feel like a foreign language?😖

  2. How did you all film this so that his writing was correct for the viewer?

  3. Youre writing backwards !!!! Thats incredible

  4. Is he naturally left-handed? Most people aren't. Likely the video is giving us a mirror image. But what was he writing on, and how was there not a glare, if what he was writing on was glass? Very interesting. Was there a UV light to make the marker ink glow?

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