LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? #shorts #lsatunplugged -

LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? #shorts #lsatunplugged

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LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games?

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  1. Omg … When will this take affect? I remember when this issue first came about…. Lg kick my butt 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️…. I sit for the august test (for a second time) hopefully I’ll do well…. If not im going to wait until this is finalized…. Best wishes to everyone sitting for the Lsat

  2. When will this change go into effect? To be more specific, when do you think is the earliest possible time we'll see an LSAT without the AR section? I'm over here studying for a November test and kinda freaking out because Logic Games have quickly become my best section on the LSAT.

  3. WAIT! WHEN? Dead serious, when?

    Or is this just for this one kid? C'mon, please don't tease me

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