LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? November 2022 LSAT Update -

LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? November 2022 LSAT Update

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LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? November 2022 LSAT Update

LSAC committed to complete research and development into a new version of the test without the current Logic Games section by next year.

Next month, December 16-17, LSAC is conducting a free online field study to test out what the new Logic Games section might look like. The field study results are not reported to law schools – this doesn’t have any impact on your chances and is not added to your LSAT score report.

Their survey questions for some test-takers on the June LSAT were likely the start of that research.

Will LSAT Logic Games Be Removed? Analysis:

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  1. Will there be new practice tests next year? I plan to take the LSAT in 2024.

  2. It looks like they're changing it instead of removing it altogether…either way, it's too bad. LG's my most reliable section.

  3. Would this appear on a experimental section this rest of the year ?

  4. I plan on taking lsat around summer so I think it’s safe to continue with my normal study. Thanks for the video

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