LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? June 2022 LSAT Update -

LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? June 2022 LSAT Update

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LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games? June 2022 LSAT Update

LSAC committed to complete research and development into a new version of the test without the current Logic Games section by next year.

Their survey questions for some test-takers on the June LSAT could be the start of that research.

Will LSAT Logic Games Be Removed? Analysis:

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  1. I had to change my plans to take the test and I’m aiming for my first shot at it in Jan of 2023. My hope is that it’s still there, as I’m finally starting to make real progress with regards to logic games thanks to you and others on YouTube!

  2. I'm getting so much anxiety; I wish they would announce when they plan on removing the games because I plan on taking the January 2023 LSAT.

  3. Fingers crossed it will be removed before this year is over.

  4. Thanks for the update. Please let me know where I can find your bio and the LSAT cheat sheet…

  5. Steve, I posted this on another video but here seems more relevant: on this topic, when is it usually appropriate to discuss a particular recent lsat administration??

  6. Logic games is the only section I’m good at. Can they get rid of reading comprehension 😭

  7. they need to make the writing section count, and for that to replace the lsat games. the games don't do anything but psych students out.

  8. So pretty much the logic games i just took doesn't count?

  9. I feel like I could get at 180 without the LG

  10. What are they planning to do if they are removing logic games? I have one more lesson left of logical reasoning and I’m doing quite well and I’m moving on to my reading comprehension section soon, but I really don’t want to have to pay my tutor so much money for logic games if I know it’s not going to be in the LSAT for 2023-2024. I’m trying to go to law school in September 2024, and I’m trying to take the test around January-February 2023.

  11. Totally celebrating. I haven't been able to learn logic games… yet. It severely affected my score last cycle. Anything else will do. I would literally postpone applying this cycle if they announced when it's going away. It just makes me feel like something's wrong with my brain because EVERYONE says it's the most learnable section. Like how sway?!?!

  12. 4:35 Thanks for the info because I'm really good at the logic games and now trying to master the logical reasoning and reading comprehension.

  13. Hmm I get the fact that it is actually unfair to blind people, but don’t know if removing it for everyone is the right choice. So it would only be RC and LR? Seems like a pretty boring test to enter Law School, and taking worth away from the LSAT. Will have to wait and see how it progresses, but the uncertainty is awful

  14. How about throw the whole LSAT out? Throw out the ranking system too! Let people go to law school if they choose to go and weed them out based on their law school performance. This test is expensive, and in some regards biased. It is a barrier for many potentially promising lawyers. It’s no accident that the field of law is the LEAST racially diverse one.

  15. I feel like that was the one section I was best at 😅🤦🏾‍♀️

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