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Logic’s Game Room

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  1. That moment when you search for the Logic "POP" and you cant find it… XD

  2. Cowboy bebop, samurai champloo and trigun were refrenced in new album

  3. 4:46 " I live by the beat, I die by the beat, like MPC Akai, who I named William after because I get bills from these beats…"

  4. When you slowly but surely realize you'd be best friends with Bobby in another life because of how many similar likes and interests you both share.

  5. Please release every album you made on cassette I would purchase every one of them

  6. Goodwill hunting. R.I.P Robin Williams. Will forever be missed

  7. yo u play fortnite cause in one of your songs in your new No Pressure album you mentioned fortnite which i thought you mentioned cause you play the game if you do hmu my twitter is @TylerGa15248673 thx would love to play sometime

  8. “I don’t play no games less’ we talkin’ Fortnite”

  9. I might look like a idiot but he looks like logic

  10. OMFG Logics such a geek


  11. Yo that funko pop is the exact same as the one released yesterday

  12. That was the most non-rapper intro ever. I love it.

  13. Logic: "it's a little messy"
    Me "bro, you call that messy, see my room"

  14. Don't mind me I'm just doing my yearly routine of watching this vid.

  15. logic is dope as fuck but if he becomes a blogger ima be pissed

  16. I am going to get a BobbyBoy hat soon!!! I am excited

  17. dam a rapper and a vlogger I diddnt know that was possible

  18. 7:34 after almost 5 years it releases officially sold by Funko in 10 days.

  19. Anyone notice his trigun right next to him when he said he didn’t know where it was haha

  20. I thought his style was nerdy turns out he is a nerd

  21. Logic seems like the most chill dude to hang out with

  22. Seems like a down to earth person. I enjoy your music and your videos, you’re definitely an inspiration. Keep moving forward brother

  23. i absolutely love when logic says he absolutely loves something

  24. I know u a nerd logic so I highly recommend the SPAWN and AZREAL

  25. I’ve never seen a man cave without a kill bill poster

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