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Logic Riddles And Detective Puzzle Games

7-Second Riddles
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Increase your IQ score with this mix of logic riddles and mystery puzzle games! If you want to exercise your brain and increase your brain capacity then you should definitely start solving riddles every day! It’s a fun and effective way to increase logical skills!

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  1. So interesting video please say hi to me maggi

  2. I honestly thought number 1 would fall first-

  3. 3:47
    It is the fourth. Boy with blue full sleeve top and a kinda green pant.
    The first person's dress is just stuck, he ll definitely fall. Keeping him aside moving to the next she is a little safe, she is holding the grip. The next person is also holding the grip using his legs. The last person seems to be holding, but just a broken part. So he is unsafe

  4. 3:02 the first guy Will fall first cause hi shirt isnt strong enoght To hold him

  5. What does the note say? : It's not over

  6. ANS: The first boy will fall first because he is hanging as his shirt is stuck in the coaster, so he'll definitely fall!
    We all love your riddles 👍🏻, but plz don't repeat riddles again and again.😕You've repeated the Hunter's riddles many times. I've seen it before.

  7. 2:26
    Man 1 will fall first because the rest are slightly holding up but Man 1 is hanging from his shirt

  8. 0:00 – Hi 7SR. 👋 3:47 – I think #1 will fall first. 16:14 – 122nd like from me. 👍 Cheers.

  9. one will fall first because he is hanging only on is shirt

  10. 1:12 Fun fact: Lima is the Capital City of Peru! 🇵🇪

  11. 7:29 im guessing it said 'bae' or 'gf' or sum and the wifes phone didnt ring

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