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Logic Puzzles

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Simple logic puzzle example illustrating the basic techniques to solve.
Please see for more info and online quizzes.


  1. Wondering how you set up the grid based on the number of variables?

  2. This is prime content. A book I read on the topic was a cornerstone for my understanding. "The Art of Meaningful Relationships in the 21st Century" by Leo Flint

  3. I grew up my mom always played the Dell logic problems. I have never been able to be successful so this helps!

  4. Well done…These puzzle, even simple ones, have defeated me, which makes me mad, because I like to think I am logical…Wish you would do a few more…Thank you

  5. I didn't know what to do till this video. After watching this, it looks really fun to do.

  6. I don't understand why these were replaced with sudoku. I find these more engaging, whereas soduko feels simplified.

  7. kinda confusing Mr. Haaga .. I need those last three points for my final though so i gotta try to do it.

  8. i was the only one in my class to get 100% on the Cupcake one

  9. What I would like to know is why and how did you cone up with the aerangement of the charts just like you did.
    Please explain.

  10. Finally I found an actual use for symbolic logic

  11. I once failed this portion of a test given by my employer for a promotion. Passed the math which wasn't good enough. Still saddens me a decade later. Great explanation

  12. THANK YOU! I am halfway through your video and learning a lot from you. Thank you for taking the time to publish this

  13. Hi, all you readers! I was wondering if anyone reading this has copies of the following (sadly out-of-print) magazines:
    Official’s Logic Problems
    Harris Fun Variety & Logic
    Ebb The Original Logic & Math Puzzles
    I am Autistic and had a violent meltdown a while ago because I missed out on buying a lot of six Official’s magazines.
    All three of the magazines I mentioned above were from Kappa Publications. I love Kappa’s style of logic puzzle; it had a nerdy artsy flavor.
    If you have copies, let me know and maybe my brother and I can discuss purchasing them (or copies of them) from you.

  14. prolog is solving for me and I always win

  15. Many thanks – as we are taught ( hem hem), I had a go myself and and came to a halt and heard your solution – thinking – o THAT is how it is done ….. many thx again

  16. Dude sounds a bit like Nicholas Cage from Con Air.

  17. Please do more logical and Interesting puzzle videos.

  18. I'm terrible at maths; I became interested in logic when doing a Philosophy course during my first year at uni (my degree was Literature). I loved seeing the lack of logic in so-called logical sequences. No numbers involved. Later in life found these logic puzzle books and love them. Unfortunately you can only buy them online now, never see them in shops.

  19. These puzzles made me literally the only person who doesn’t know how to solve this in my class

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