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Logic-Puzzles.org – How to Solve a Logic Puzzle

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From Watch as we solve a logic puzzle from start to finish, showing some of the more common methods to translate clues into X’s and O’s on the logic puzzle grid.


  1. 3:10 you missed a x… eli couldn’t have been wearing fendi because he wasn’t on call at 6:00. the person on call at 6:00 was wearing fendi.

  2. Why didntou wisper?? I could almost hear you,💔💔💔 no one seems to pay attention to the light print or loudness. Why do you people bother?? 💔💔💔it's just fustrating!!

  3. I'm a very intelligent guy, but I don't get these things AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm more of a suduko kind of person, but I've known people who loved these logic puzzles who couldn't grasp suduko no matter how hard I tried to teach them. It has to be the way the brain is wired! These logic puzzles make me want TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!

  4. Never heard of logic games until a teacher mentioned how he loved these. I am so new to these, but I enjoy the process of learning this. Thanks for your video!!

  5. I know how to solve these but wanted to see if I missed any awesome tips or tricks.

  6. I love the idea of these. I'm very let brained. I'm logical, anylitical, I love numbers, dates.. all that fun stuff but I cannot do these to save my LIFE! i took a screenship of the puzzle and tried it. got a few clues in and totally got lost. The indirect clues like #3, 5 and 8 totally mess with my brain. Your instructions are great but I still struggle with understanding how to use deductive reasoning . And I thought I was good at deductive reasoning. Obviously I'm not. I try these a couple times a year and I am always always always disappointed. (I can't do sudoku either)BUT I WANT TO SO BAD!!! UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH#firstworldproblems

  7. Got lost at the end. A little too fast as I'm a beginner.

  8. Can you please tell me what these type of puzzles are called, anybody, please? So I can search them in my app store and download them. Thanks guys. 😊

  9. Puzzle can be solved without clue #10, just looking at the grid 😉

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