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Logic-Puzzles.org – How to Solve a Logic Puzzle

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From Watch as we solve a logic puzzle from start to finish, showing some of the more common methods to translate clues into X’s and O’s on the logic puzzle grid.


  1. @Haseeb2 Any example of problem, which can not be solved using tables?

  2. why did you make a video explaining complex important material that some of us need to know for our school work and FUCKING MUTTER SOFTLY AND HAVE YOUR VOLUME SO FUCKING LOW?

  3. clever – I like this person. If that is your real name?

  4. why didnt you pay attention in class to the complex important material or TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP AND OPEN YOUR FUCKING EARS

  5. 1.) You need new speakers

    2.) You need head phones.

    3.) Go somewhere else to find this information. We are on the internet.

  6. Thanks for the help!! XD I'm going to go get a geocache now.

  7. I both love and hate these puzzles.  It's tough when you don't have many green circles but you know the info has to be there.

  8. Logic puzzles are so fun! I haven't done one of those for ages.

  9. This was great, but the volume really needs to be higher.

  10. The audio level is absurdly low, especially since you don't provide captions and the auto-captions are horrible.

    And why do you start in the middle, anyway? The grid is already there with no explanation how to form one, and the tab is on 'hints', we never saw 'goal'.

  11. I found it to be helpful. Parents are lost on how to help our children now. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  12. Could you make a video on how to construct a cross hatch table from scratch and what to include and what not to include please 🙂

  13. Could you make a video on how to construct a cross hatch table from scratch and what to include and what not to include please 🙂 I don't understand why we repeat some titles and dont include others. Pretty please

  14. Clue #8 – Since Indigo house is 6:00 AM, It is also NOT Gucci.

  15. This comes in my science exam for TY tomorrow, thanks.

  16. How is this a four by five puzzle? There are people, brands and colors and times. That is four variables. Where is the Five?

  17. Hi, all you readers! I was wondering if anyone reading this has copies of the following (sadly out-of-print) magazines:
    Official’s Logic Problems
    Harris Fun Variety & Logic
    Ebb The Original Logic & Math Puzzles
    I am Autistic and had a violent meltdown a while ago because I missed out on buying a lot of six Official’s magazines.
    All three of the magazines I mentioned above were from Kappa Publications. I love Kappa’s style of logic puzzle; it had a nerdy artsy flavor.
    If you have copies, let me know and maybe my brother and I can discuss purchasing them (or copies of them) from you.

  18. dude raise your voice and talk like a man, i had to put on headsets and put them at an unsafe level to even understand you

    You dont explain how to plot the grid either dude geez

  19. It was interesting for me! Thank you for teaching that to me! I didn't know half of that before but now I do. Very very interesting. Keep up the good work PuzzleBaron.

  20. Whoever didn't like this video and thought it was boring has a very very small brain and is some random oddball who dosen't know anything

  21. What you don't show are the three hints you used to solve the puzzle, according to the score screen.

  22. People talking about the volume it was perfectly fine with me not everyone or everything is perfect!

  23. “Either the owner of the BOOP house or the owner of the yellow house is Logan.”

  24. Always wanted to know how to do these. I have a step niece who could do these in seconds when she was a teen. She probably still could.

  25. Omg you speak too fast and I'm having a hard time🥺😢😓

  26. I've been doing these puzzles for years. I love them❤️

  27. I don't understand these puzzles at all I ordered a book on Amazon

  28. Can you do the answer to the daisy day logical puzzle

  29. Love this, but this is why I hate doing these, timed, for interviews! The setup alone probably took as long as the time allotment of one-minute per question…anyway, thanks again for this!

  30. If you use a app with hints and at the end there might be a ad to clear all mistakes
    I put everything to x expept for a diagno line if it’s right then it stays if it wrong it with turn it off and remove the x where the right answer is

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