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logic puzzles for kids, A wizard has charmed all the cake monsters friends

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To all the parents caring about developing general knowledge of their children. Can you remember getting excited about all sorts of riddles as we were kids?
Since kindergarten and then through preschool, all the way to the graduation day we were given different logic puzzles, brain exercises, quiz questions. Wasn’t it fun? Many of those activities were just part of math riddles in common.
Although those cool riddles came as fun trivia of our childhood, it may seem not easy to make our kids have fun solving those riddles. Each of us is convinced our kids are genius kids. Do you agree?
Well, today I’ve got couple simple lifehacks for parents. There is a modern way to keep children engaged with both fun and intellectual brain games.
First things first. It’s twenty first century, folks. You don’t have to go out and drive your car all around the city to find some diy activities club for your kid. Now everything can be found online.
How early should we start a virtual journey with our kids, though?
Well, as early as you would playfully ask your child to find a cat (which probably is hiding in your kitchen). Is that not a riddle? Or when you would look with your kid through some picture riddles in a paper book.
Basically, here are the final tips.
Explore the abundance of puzzle games! They find their variety and appropriateness.
Discover the new way of learning now. The benefit is all yours!

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