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Logic Games Aren’t Changing Soon (Ep. 375)

Thinking LSAT
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Ben and Nathan discuss LSAC’s upcoming Analytical Reasoning Field Study and assure listeners that the Logic Games aren’t changing anytime soon. They also hear from two former students who followed their advice and decided not to pay for law school—or not to go at all. Plus, the guys recommend resources for improving your writing, comment on the first fully online JD program to be approved by the ABA, and tackle a Weaken question from PrepTest 73.

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0:00 – Introduction
3:31 – LSAC Testing New Logic Games
11:01 – Spatial Reasoning
15:19 – Books about Writing
19:18 – Twelve Points in One Month
21:28 – Online Law School
28:16 – Avoiding Law School
32:01 – Launch Your Legal Career
42:01 – Logical Reasoning: Soot

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  1. Good instructions. It's easy to follow. Awesome

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