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Logic Game Scenarios with Branden (175) – LSATMax LSAT Prep

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The Logic Games section is the most intimidating section for the majority of students. But when armed with the right techniques, it often becomes the favorite section.

Scenarios are a powerful technique to crack open logic games and turn this dreaded section into the most fun. Learning when and how to do scenarios properly is a key skill for mastering logic games.

Join our 99 percentile score instructor and UCLA Law grad Branden for this free webinar all about logic game scenarios.

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  1. I need all the help I can get! Nice

  2. Thanks for the practice Branden! Very helpful and useful, appreciate it

  3. I was a little confused when he kept talking about scenarios, I was taught to make worlds. Some games this step is useless. Only make worlds to eliminate rules. Blocks are a good sign making worlds maybe useful. R _ M. PS or SP use an arch over SP because we don’t know the order, indicating they are reversible, W – T – N. These are signs you may want to make 🌍

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