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Let’s Play: “Grand Logic Puzzles” by TheRsdgProductions (1/2)

The Redstone Scientist
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Part 1/3
In today’s video, I finally get around to playing a map I’ve had on my list for quite a while. It’s a short map created by TheRsdgProductions with some very unique and clever logic puzzles! I’m only slightly ashamed of how long it took me to finish the map 😛
If you see this, comment, “The Grand Budapest Logic Puzzles” (best I could do)

Map Trailer/Download:

TheRsdgProductions (Youtube):
TheRsdgProductions (Website):
TheRsdgProductions (Twitter):

Other Map Credits (info taken directly from map):
minezup: No link given
WingCow/SquidWizard (Youtube):
DannySpeeltMinecraft (Youtube):
DannySpeeltMinecraft (Twitter):
YesMC: No link given

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  1. …Really? "The Grand Budapest Logic Puzzles"? That's really the best you could think of?

  2. haha its so hard to watch puzzle maps. I always see some mistakes (obviously there is always a mistake somewhere) and then I am like: God damn just do this and that aaahhh!!!

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