Law Schools Dropping US News, ABA Dropping LSAT, & LSAC Dropping Logic Games -

Law Schools Dropping US News, ABA Dropping LSAT, & LSAC Dropping Logic Games

LSAT Unplugged & Law School Admissions Podcast
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Law Schools Dropping US News, ABA Dropping LSAT, & LSAC Dropping Logic Games

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  1. Thanks for clearing this up. I was so confused about the changes.

  2. if you think those statistics are only based on race and/or that's the only thing schools are looking for, you really don't understand what "diversity" means lol

  3. Even though they contemplated it before, do you think that the ABA decision to move forward with the decision to now make the LSAT optional for law schools, could have possibly been influenced by the probable repealing of Affirmative Action? By removing the requirement, before the USSC overturns AA it also will help those schools wishing to stop reporting the average LSAT scores and GPAs of their students since it isn’t a requirement for law school admissions to ABA accredited schools.

  4. Love that you cover the law-related news as it happens—thank you!

  5. Did Arabhan Lincoln have to go through all this shit to go to law school?

  6. do you think schools will drastically cut down on merit aid starting this cycle?

  7. The news kinda is, Everything’s changing but nothing is changing

  8. Soooo, instead of recruiting the best talent. We’re shooting for equity not equality? Weird

  9. This sucks, I got a 176, I figured I’m a shoo in for a scholarship 😢

  10. Dumbing down doesn't suit the legal industry. May as well give them more points (how much do they want, 10? 20?) and be done with it.

  11. Dropping lsat? Goodness, the world is going crazy!!

  12. It's crazy how Discrimination and Affirmative Action is so aligned. As a Black Man from the "hood" it's my responsibility to qualify for college admissions based my education accomplishments, Test Scores, and anything other then my RACE, COLOR, HERITAGE, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER, and other Characterics that are protected. These shouldd not be used for college education or being hired for a job, and military. I feel sorry for Asians who are being discriminated for taking education more seriously then Americans who feel entitled to everything.

  13. thank you for the informative video, this is good news but confusing news at the same time because now since many ABA law schools plan on dropping the LSAT and will not be a requirement for admission. Do you think that these law schools will starting ousting and weeding people out the first year of law school? I know that non-ABA/unaccredited law schools don't/never required the LSAT! However, they do tend to weed out/oust students out of the law program from 1st year and sometimes all the way up until their 4 th year ( keep in mind most unaccredited law schools in the state of CA are 4 years instead of the traditional 3 years). This is what somewhat worries me because even though ABA law schools are harder to get into ; ( because of LSAT) they at least make sure their students pass and get through the 3 years of law school. However, will no merit based admission process, then they might start easily dropping and flunking people out the 1st year. There has to be a catch or something fishy to this. I'm not trying to sound suspicious, just stating facts because I have known some people who did attend unaccredited law schools in CA and they told me this process!

  14. Also I know I might be talking alot… however, I do believe there is a catch to this. one of the reasons to why many schools want to drop the LSAT for admissions is because they are losing too much money and not making enough profit. It's no secret that law school rankings matter because it is a very elitist/classist/heirarchal profession meaning that the only lawyers who get the best paying jobs or top jobs are the ones who graduate from top 10 ivy-league schools. For the rest of people who could never attend elite law schools and ended up going to lower ranked or unaccredited law schools ended up not getting jobs or didnt make that much money and could actually make more money going off for a masters or PhD. Connections do matter in the field of law. Every year law school enrollment is going down and many people are being encouraged not to become a lawyer because it is no longer the golden ticket to becoming rich like it was in the 70's and 80;s.. The secret is out and many people are learning that if you cant get into an ivy league law school, dont waste your time becoming a lawyer in the first place

  15. plus also… Logic games does not exist in law school. So that is another reason! no point being tested over something if it does not exist in reality for school.

  16. Can anyone explain the war on standardized tests? Seem like the ultimate meritocracy tool

  17. Thank you for covering this information, you are my go to reliable news source for law-school related information. Solid as a rock, thank you sir!

  18. Dropping the LSAT requirement?
    Talk about "lowering the bar". 🤔
    I wonder how this will affect the quality of the next generation of lawyers.

  19. I'm a 2l. The only thing the LSAT provides you that is useful in law school is scheduling time to do work/discipline. Maybe the reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Besides that it is fully a class-restrictive barrier. Glad to see these changes. I think the ABA is trying to lead by example and ensure that the future of American law is representative of all of the country's population and not just the wealthy, white 2nd gen legacy law school kids that honestly predominate in most American law schools.

  20. 11:00

    I will be part of that field study, since I'll be taking the real thing in January.

  21. This video should be called, "Droppin' Like It's Hot"

  22. Dan Sullivan's admissions consulting. A trainwreck inside a disaster, encased in a debacle.

  23. verdict with ted cruz podcast says exactly what you're saying

  24. Isn't it true that LSAT data of the law school is released at the discretion of the school and the school is not compelled to release it. By releasing it, they provide evidence for a race discrim case. By opting out of the rankings, no need for school to release it

  25. Steve Schwarz career is apparently preparing courses for LSAT candidates. If the LSAT is no longer used is he out of a job? Does this influence his videos? I am a physician. When I took the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT) I scored above the 90th percentile so perhaps I have some smarts. When I decided to apply to law school I took LSAT practice tests My scores on several sections were very variable, casting doubt upon the reliability (or consistency) of the test. But on one section, the logic games, my scores were consistent ZERO. I concluded from looking at the various expensive courses offered that the 'logic games' was indeed just a complicated game which would require weeks of study and practice to become competent. Yet the LSAC says no new skills are required. Also I could see no connection with the law. Most of the studies on reliability and validity of the LSAC were done by the LSAC itself. LSAC has made hundreds of millions of dollars from this one test because it was compulsory-by order of the ABA and for many years it had an absolute monopoly. I wrote to Harvard Law School many times about this in my application but I received only one reply – 'rejected'. I also tried the GRE but found that I could buy a book on Amazon titled '30 REAL GRE ESSAYS'. I bought it and they were pretty good essays. As the essay titles in the GRE NEVER change (at least as of 2021) any enterprising school could prepare essays for their candidates in advance In the GRE exam I had a question about endangered species so I wrote that we were all endangered by law school corruption. I scored ZERO again! Lawyers I have spoken to about the logic games say they took the LOGIC GAMES prep courses because there was no other way into law school. BUT IF LAWYERS CAN'T PLAY IT STRAIGHT TO GET INTO LAW SCHOOL WHAT WILL THEY DO WHEN THEY GET OUT? Will the end always justify the means?

  26. Does anyone have a referral for a good law school on the east coast. Thank you.

  27. I'm new to this channel. I found you by searching test prep books.

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