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Laser Maze Logic Game

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Pump some brain iron with the beam-bending logic game, Laser Maze. Your goal is to arrange a series of tokens to reflect and split a laser beam and hit all of the targets.

Laser Maze includes 60 unique challenges ranging from beginner to expert difficulty. If you get stumped, don’t worry, solutions are printed on the reverse of each card.

Uses an eye-safe class II laser. Batteries included. Ages 8+.


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  1. There are too much lasers in vat19

  2. I mostly use the laser projector for my dog.

  3. Aeoaoaoaoaooaoaooaoaoaooaoaoaoaooeoaooaoaoaooaoaoaoa 0:01

  4. We did this at science in school, just using the large gym, larger lagers, and larger mirrors.

  5. "Unless your having a little sh**"
    Wait what did you say

  6. This feels like a ranged version of circuit maze

  7. I have laser maze but the laser died so I can’t play it :’(

  8. Ah yes,Youtube putting a 7 year old video at my recommendations

  9. This is like the mobile game LazerBreak but in real life!

  10. This was my first video i saw on this channle and they are still her from 8 year

  11. Who came here just to watch the first vid?

  12. I have done this before at my summer camp

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