Kids Puzzle Games for Toddlers | Dubby Dino Puzzles for Kids -

Kids Puzzle Games for Toddlers | Dubby Dino Puzzles for Kids

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Build your child’s logic skills and develop observation skills with Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers! The kids puzzles are educational and full of fun. Play with the dino and solve jigsaw puzzles for kids and toddlers. Children will learn about Insects, Space, Farm, Underwater, Forest, Construction, City, Animals, Desert, and more! Kids will love these educational puzzle games!

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A collection of colorful puzzle pieces for kids with a variety of kid’s favorites like cars, fruits, vegetables, rainbows, plants, trees, trucks, spaceships, animals, and many others. These kids puzzles are excellent for toddlers 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds.

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Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers includes the following themes:

1) Forest – Go on a jungle safari with friends. Solve animal jigsaw puzzles for kids. Discover monkeys, bears, pandas, and other animals on the way. Exciting tent puzzles for kids and toddlers to stay in! Lit the campfire and explore the treehouse kids puzzles!

2) Space – Dress up in the spacesuit and fly in your aircraft puzzle. Meet the astronaut and robots. Check out the Earth, Sun & Planets & Satellite with space puzzles for kids! Complete the puzzles of UFO, Rocket, Moon, Space Station, Stars & more. Loads of kids puzzles to create telescopes, space helmets, space tv, and meteor.

3) Farm – Ride the tractor and go on a farm journey. Find kids’ animal puzzles like the horse, pig, dog, and more. Make the windmill, well, and fence with exciting jigsaw puzzles for kids and toddlers.

4) Ocean – Dive into the ocean and explore the underwater world! Meet the turtles, crab, and fish by solving fun puzzles for kids. Discover sea horses, dolphins, fishes, and treasure chests. A quest of exciting kids puzzles for ages 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds.

5) Sky – Hop onto the airplane! Join the bird puzzles for toddlers. Play with the toddler puzzles such as clouds and hot air balloons in the sky.

6) Construction Site – Gear up for building new constructions in the construction uniform. Complete the puzzles of dump trucks, cranes, cement mixers. Vehicle puzzles for kids! Have fun with puzzles for hammers, drill machines, bridges. Puzzles for toddlers ages 2-5 year olds to learn and enjoy!

7) City – Go around the dino city with friends. Hang out at the park and complete ice cream puzzles for kids. Explore the shops, police stations, and bus stops. Make the fire brigade, cars, and houses with toddler puzzles for kids.

8) Bugs – Have fun with the insects! Make butterflies, snails, and honey bees with toddler puzzles. Create flowers, mushroom houses, and anthills with puzzles for toddlers and kids ages 2-5 year olds.

9) Desert – Say hello to desert friends! Join the animal puzzles to complete the puzzles of camels, horses, vultures. Discover the regional cactus, coconut trees, and wells. Build the pyramids, tents, and bonfires with toddler puzzles for ages 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds.

10) CandyLand – Enter the magical world of Candyland! Drive the candy car, make delicious donuts, ice creams, and cupcakes with fun kids jigsaw puzzles. Complete the toddler puzzles like cake puzzles, unicorn puzzles for kids, and candy houses.

What are you waiting for? Hurry, download these puzzles for kids now!

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