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iPhone and Android Games That’ll Actually Engage Your Brain

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Stop wasting time on mobile games where you tap on your screen over and over like a mindless zombie. Here are a few of our favorites for iPhone and Android that’ll actually engage your brain and make you feel smart.


  1. The best app for brain power is called kindle, rly good

  2. Tbh almost all games give u a new skill. But the usable of the skill is very depending. U won't need survival skill, like minecraft. But maybe u need creativity skill u can build in game like the sims 4 which tbh could work as a brainstorm if u r an architecture. (This is coming from an architecture student)

    Some game can give u a new insight, like how notre dame was build based on a game Assasin creed. That just prove how game CAN BE a sight of some of cultural place

  3. I don't even need to watch your dumb video just get a Nintendo console nerds

  4. You didn't even explain what the heck Orixo is! wtf?

  5. I’d say learning a language would for sure engage your brain and one of the apps I have is a Japanese crossword puzzle app that has both Kana and Kanji puzzles.

  6. Candy crush is just so mindless. Games like Zelda are great

  7. Me as a person who love rhythm games like cytus & arcea it really hits me at 4:05 and I do it fast & aggressive

    I still can't play Chaos 15 and FTR 9 level

  8. Such games can be played by any person, and more so by those who want to enhance their thinking.

  9. Elevate is really good but it's pro version is very expensive.

  10. These brain training games make you more stressed honestly😑😐

  11. I ain’t gonna subscribe to a game you loonatic

  12. Best Mental Math Game Ever……
    Baldis Basics…….

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  17. I played Elevate for years. And I do impatiently waiting for it's next update

  18. Melee is the most mentally stimulating game there is

  19. "The Genius Quiz" is one of the best tricky and out of the box game I've ever played. Unfortunately it's only on Android.

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  21. Someone life hacked my guys brain sensor for entertainment. I play these and they are fun, but he’s kinda just telling u to quit normal video games, and being pretty bossy about it to.

  22. Look idiot people can play whatever the fuck they wanna play There's a thing that's called random blood clots that can happen in the body That's why they say life is short

  23. I'm really like lumosity game, but i not monney to unlock for premium account

  24. Lame and pretentious. My lifehack is to unsubscribe

  25. Tap like a zombie? Have you actually played crossy road? It’s intense as FUCK.

  26. Best way to say the following, shout out to our guy for rounding up play views.


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