Interesting matchstick puzzles with answers, fix the puzzles -

Interesting matchstick puzzles with answers, fix the puzzles

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Have you watched the squid game yet? Imagine if you were part of a big game and in order to escape you needed to crack all the riddles given to you. Turn on all your logical, analytical and problem solving skills.

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  1. CLICKBAIT ON THE THUMBNAIL. No coin in triangle.

  2. It did make 5 squares. 4 squares inside 1 big square = 5

  3. You are fooling the subscribers

    Where is the solution for coin to be taken out of the triangle ???

  4. Yet your vedio is very good but please tell me how to make 3 box using 2 box ok

  5. 5number is write move 3 stick to make 5 square but it make 4 square why

  6. Where is the coin in the triangle puzzle? It is on the thumbnail of the video.You are doing a good job in this channel. If the missing puzzle is a mistake, that’s all right. It is understandable. Otherwise, please be more honest with your viewers.

  7. Got them all very quicky
    Except the equation puzzle
    Paused it and gave up after 10 minutes of trying 🤣

  8. Move 1 stick from 7 to – sign n form x sign n 7 to form 1 n move 1 stick from 6 n form 0 so 1 x 0=0 correct equations

  9. 1st Q wrong. Only two Triangles, the other one is quadrilateral. Thanks

  10. Wrong ung move 3 stick to make 5square, hnd poh 5square ung nagawa 4square lang

  11. Move 3 sticks to make 5 square…you made 4 square only…🤔🤔

  12. Where is the coin in the triangle of 3 matches puzzle that I clicked on ?

  13. gaytri bindas jiyo ye tumhare hath me h! pandey says:


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