How I scored Perfectly on the LSAT Logic Games! -

How I scored Perfectly on the LSAT Logic Games!

Zoë Mulraine
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Hey guys! I know Logic Games can be the most intimidating section of the LSAT for many people– myself included. In this video, I breakdown how I went from knowing nothing about how to conquer the Logic Games section to making it my most confident section. Here’s the link to the book I used:

Happy studying!


  1. I got a 145 on my first LSAT attempt, does anyone think there’s a way i can get into the 150s or above 155?

  2. Hello,I've been using khan academy as my main study tool as well as taking full lsat tests 1-2 times a week. Would you suggest another study tool or do you think khan academy is enough?

  3. Great video! This was a very helpful breakdown. I'm taking the LSAT in a week, and hoping to incorporate some of this thinking into my remaining practice. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Logic Games are indeed more like math in that they are about deductive logic wherein you are literally solving the games like equations. It's not about "hey what do you think will happen" it's "based on the rules of this game, what is logically possible or impossible"

  5. How long would you recommend studying for the LSAT?

  6. How long did you study before taking the LSAT?

  7. I got As in math and thought logic games would be the easiest for me to study…and now months later I’m still completely stuck!!😩

  8. I am Korean, and I found this really helpful to cope with the NCS test, which is a crucial test for getting through the government company, which is popular among graduate students. Thanks for sharing your strategy.

  9. I'm still having problems with the two tier logic games. Can you make a tutorial how you do them?

  10. Hello so did you just use the lsat trainer for explanations?

  11. This is my weakest area in studying so far… when I'm practicing I feel like I'm back in HS Algebra (the one course I ever flunked lol), so it's been an uphill battle. Thanks for sharing your strategy 😊

  12. Did not study as much as I should have. Cramming tricks and tips the day before my test cause I keep getting like -8 or -9. You make choices and you live with them lol


    I was saying the same thing to my partner earlier. The games are basically math.

  14. I just started practicing for the LSAT and surprisingly I’m scoring perfectly on the logic games section…after hearing people complain about it, I was expecting to fail badly on my first practice lol but I do agree with you! If you were sharp in math/physics, it should come easily to you….my issue is the comprehension😭

  15. Have you seen any questions that you’ve practice on the exam

  16. Now do reading comp and those tricky short question ones 😂🤣😅

  17. Im almost perfect score on LR and RC but bomb lg each time 🙁 i hate when people say its the easiest, most learnable section lol

  18. I’m at the point in my studying where I can get them all correct but it will take me anywhere from 30-50 minutes 😭

  19. taking the lsat in September and this vid really helped! I struggle with lg the most and I have had the lsat trainer for months, so I'm glad that I can start learning!

  20. watching this as I study for LSAT and looked through your other videos to see that you cheered for Vandy!! I am also a Vandy alum. Thanks for the tips and anchor down!

  21. I’ve done a lot of practice tests and for me I realized the trick is the game set up. If you set up the game properly the set up actually provides the direct answers to the point you don’t have to even think about the right answer. Once you set up the game properly you can eliminate two to three answers cause it’s that obvious . You plug in the remaining answer choices into the diagram and if it’s wrong the next answer choice is automatically the right answer. I don’t see it as a math question I see it like a puzzle like which answers can fit properly in the spaces.

  22. Thank you for making this video! Can you make one for the critical thinking section?

  23. Taking it Jan 16, my bday /: , 2 days lool! Jesus help me

  24. thank you for your advice, taking it Jan 15. outlining the definition and goal of each type definitely helped me understand the section better

  25. ❤️❤️❤️✊🏾 Congrats! I love to see it.

  26. lsat trainer is great for a general play by play of what to expect on the lsat, but ive made no progress in studying. ive always sucked at math and this section is the death of me

  27. I have a question for you: if you had to guess, how many hours would you say it took you to master the logic games? Is the LSAT Trainer the only thing you used apart from youtube videos?

  28. Sequencing!!!! I wish there was more emphasis on sequencing games chile

  29. 🎉🎉🎉I took my LSAT made it thanks to Mr clark who helped me with tutoring after studying with him for two weeks I had 160points. He provided me with tips and questions which greatly helped me.I want to recommend you all to him he has the key to success in his hands.After writing for 4 times I made it thanks to him.🎉🎉🎉🎉.

  30. Can you elaborate on how to find or use the equation? Do you have instagram?

  31. do you happen to have a video showing proof that you scored perfectly, such as the results of your test? if so please let us know which video.

  32. Taking the LSAT tomorrow. Really scared, had family issues that crushed my study time this summer. Hoping to retake in October.This video came up late for me but I super appreciate this help 🙂 great speaker

  33. Is one month realistic to perfect LG? (taking august date)

  34. So on my diagnostic I got a 139. I’m planning on studying early 2022 and taking the LSAT Fall of 2023. Do you believe I have enough time to get into the 160+? I really want to get in that score range and I will try doing everything I can to do it

  35. Ooo just searched for logic games tops and found your video first. Thanks so much! Super encouraging!!!

  36. Great video I bought the LSAT trainer as well,good to know it's really helpful with logic games. Thank you

  37. That’s so weird. Grouping and in and out is easier for me than sequencing

  38. This was such great advice. Thank youuu. Looking forward to hearing more!

  39. I did really well on logic games too while in practice like a 22/24 but reading comprehension whooped my ***! I think I was bored and reading too fast.

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