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Hilarious Examples Of Video Game Logic Fails

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Hilarious Examples Of Video Game Logic Fails
A wise man once said “Video games would suck if they were realistic,” and this is true. But there are lots of things in video games that don’t simply stretch your sense of disbelief, they just don’t make any sense AT ALL. VIDEO GAME LOGIC is clearly not even close to regular logic, but sometimes you have to bend the rules of time and space to make your game fun. Here are some of the video game logic that doesn’t make sense.
If you’re a gamer then you’ve more than likely experienced a moment while playing when you questioned whether or not something made sense. Can you think of a time or two, or three? Is it a glitch in the game? Was it done on purpose? Maybe the game designers meant for this to happen or is it just a video game logic fails. What is behind this game logic?! Whatever the case may be, scroll through these hilarious video game logic memes that explain video game logic, if it exists at all. I’m sure there are a few funny video game logic in this video game logic compilation you can probably relate too…


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  1. At the battleship scene fullscreen your phone and shake it gently you'll see an illusion

  2. Actually the chief one makes sense because it’s a very heavy suit

  3. A roblox speedrun:
    Goes over small peak: instantly dies. Can do multiple front flips: dies the hits water.

  4. Encountering lava in RPGs? No problem, you can walk in it. Lava doesn't hurt that much. Although, bubbles are deadly.

  5. 3:09 is right but wrong teammates is teammates if we kill 1000 of enemy it doesn't matter because those are not our teammates you get one dislike

  6. Snake: takes multiple bullets to the head, chest and arms and lives with few if any repercussions
    Repeatedly breaks bones and dislocates them and doesn't die

    Can't climb roks or fall more the 10 feet without dying

    Konami: this is fine

  7. 7:08 That's not the logic fail. The logic fail is that there is money and HUMAN HEARTS in grass.

  8. My favorite is God of War that can beat god's with his bare hands and can't open a wooden door🤣

  9. 1:09 ah yes,nothing like a good old game of frames per second

  10. The first GTA one isn’t a video game. Hear let me tell you a secret…It’s called racism.

  11. Minecraft
    Obsidian must be broken by diamond pickaxe but irl, obsidian is really fragile

  12. Killed a person :- becomes a zombie
    Stand the zombie :- Died.
    Wait what?

  13. "South Park: The Fractured but Whole:" Needs $5,000 to get Ninjas of his back. Breaks into the office of a strip club loaded with money, including its vault, and only takes $20.

  14. Legend of zelda players, this is for you.

    "you can not swim in these boots they are too heavy"

    backflips easily

  15. [T̶ ̶H̶ ̶E̶ ̶R̶ ̶E̶ ̶D̶ ̶A̶ ̶C̶ ̶T̶ ̶A̶ ̶D̶ ̶E̶ ̶D̶] says:

    Terror games be like
    A literal metal door brutal smack
    killer dont listen
    Shots with a shotgun
    still dont listening
    Opens a not cranky door
    cloaker charging sound

  16. Th-The freaking second picture of the thumbnail is so freaking funny 😆

  17. Floating above ground. Can still fall on gaps

  18. Acreus: Is literally god
    Palkia: Has the power to manipulate space
    Dialga: Has the power to manipulate time
    Yvetal: Can turn people and pokemon into stone
    Also Acreus,Palkia,Dialga,Yvetal, and literally every legendary pokemon: Can be captured by a twelve-year old with a ball

  19. Ark survival evolved
    Dinosaur can lift a high tech robot too heavy to swim
    Can't lift a chuby lizard

    Yep, works perfectly

  21. For eating the plague infested rats. If they're cooked well enough… (well done).

  22. Imagine Nintendo adding in Centaur Peach to Mario Kart Tour. How would she fit in the car?

  23. AC3 when the police are after u:
    I better rip off the wanted list to be innocent

  24. game logic: you need to hide in a locker, but… SLAM THE DOOR AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE
    me: yes, they clearly can't hear me!

  25. Arsenal logic:
    Use knife on front (3 stabs)
    Use knife on back (instant death)

  26. Oh no zombies

    Time to plant mutated pea pods and flowers until the corpses heads pop off

  27. Minecraft Logic:
    Netherite armor cant brun… Unless its in the shulker box.

  28. 0:27 makes sense, an extremely advanced suit must be too heavy to swim with

  29. Is no one gonna talk about the fact that both sleeping and paralyzed Pokémon can escape a pokéball? Since when did that make sense? 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Are u a gamer? If yes then I'm sure u can relate to some of these video logic memes. Which one can u relate to??

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