Guide to Rule Substitution Questions in LSAT Logic Games -

Guide to Rule Substitution Questions in LSAT Logic Games

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Learn the fundamental steps for approaching Rule Substitution Questions in logic games.

0:00 Intro and Visual Example
3:00 Two Criteria for Rule Substitution Questions
6:05 Example #1
11:44 Example #2
19:15 Pointers to Keep in Mind

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  1. I used to ALWAYS skip this type of question. This explanation just increased my LG score!! Thank you so much!! @Kevin Lin

  2. I understand your method as something like this. The first criterion is saying that "under the original rule (OR), the choice rule (CR) must be true," so OR≥CR. The second criterion is saying that "under the choice rule (CR), the original rule (OR) must be true", so CR≥OR.
    Since OR≥CR and CR≥OR, OR=CR and the considered choice is the the correct choice.

  3. I've looked at a number of explanation videos for this concept on YouTube and this is by FAR the best. Thank you for breaking this down in the way you did. I'm FOREVER grateful and memorizing these two rules for seamless application on the test!

  4. This was incredibly helpful, thank you so much!

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