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GoT Season 8 But It’s Devoid of Logic

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A funny Minutes Straight Game of Thrones video!! There are a lot of funny edits and I use text edits as a form of commentary to add something new to video in the form of funny character expressions. This video centers around there not being any logic in Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

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  1. So many unfulfilled plot holes mixed with nonsensical contradictory dialogue from almost every character. To give the reign of the six kingdoms to someone with no redeeming qualities and who claimed he could never be Lord of anything but I sure as hell can be king is a bunch of bs. He never shed one drop of sweat or blood in any fight for the kingdom but he can give you next week's lotto numbers, there's nothing appealing or admirable about him. Sansa takes over a completely independent north so she is not subject to anyone, you'd think she'd offer her brother a place at Winterfell where he grew up but no, off to the wall with you. Jon tells Tormund that he wishes he was going back to the wall with him, yet he and everyone else treat his banishment to the wall as a prison sentence. Jon should have been " Yeah, that's what I wanted all along." Not one smile on his face even when he arrives there. What a piss poor way to end a great show.

  2. 5:57 was genuinely the most terrifying thing I've seen while being alone at night

  3. Why the fuck did they send the Dothraki alone with no support.

  4. The deaths of Rhaegal and Viserion are among the silliest and most forced of the entire show

  5. 4:07 she could have nuked danny also with that scorpions. ez win lul.

  6. Season 5 was already a downward trend. 7 was questionable. But 8 was when they ran out of lines and dialogue became modern Hollywood levels of shit. It lost all its medieval charm. The structuring of sentences, the metaphors, the manner of speech.

  7. Even seeing clips of Season 8 makes me so depressed lol.

  8. Pathetic freemasons, each and every last one of them… Royal arts my butthole man.

  9. Thanks for reminding me why I went from hardcore got fans to hating this sh1tshow

  10. She is my queen, I don't want it. Jon was made as a stupid character

  11. Send them to the Wall for that treason.

  12. This hurt my soul to watch. T_T But I can't imagine how horrible it must've felt for the OG fans who started in 1996…

  13. Bran plot and his statements make sense. He doesn't want anymore, he can't be lord of anything. He isn't a lord, he is the king. That distinction has been made time and time again all throughout the show. He doesn't want the throne, but his abilities make him the clear-cut choice for the throne. So out of necessity, he takes it. I'm not sure why or how that didn't make sense to you idiots. But there are plenty of issues with GoT ending… However Bran's arc is not one of them.

  14. "GoT Season 8 But It's Devoid of Logic"
    So… just all of Season 8, then?

  15. "You will always be Mike Ween" – Jonathan Snow

  16. Here is a blank check and full cast devoted to the show. Do what ever you want.
    D&D: We are gonna bail after 8th season because we have more promising shows handed to us.
    Destroys the show they are working on, never gets anything important after that.

  17. It's devoid of logic as is. Thanks anyway😆😉

  18. *reads title*

    so the season 8 as it is

  19. I swear S8 dialogue will snap me out of whatever dementia lies in my future with such a clarifying rage that I might even remember to say hey to my daughters when I'm done ranting about Bran the fucklehead.

  20. Night King: "Hmm, which dragon shall I shoot and turn into a zombie? One of the smaller ones that's flying and is a moving target? Or the biggest one that's on the ground right in front of me which will not only deprive the enemy queen of her personal mount but also give me the most powerful one to necromance?"

  21. What do you mean “if?” This video should just be all of season 8.

  22. The only was a good chunk of season 8 makes sense is that there is some sort of brain eating parasite going around the knocks off 50 iq points

  23. "Thats write Jon I understand symbolism" from Drogon had me weak lmfao.

    Like really the dragon was like "I know it wasn't really him who killed my mother but the lust for the throne he did what he had to do" OK bruh

    Also Brans actor read the script for the last 2 seasons and just completely checked out

  24. Absolute rubbish. GoT incredibly went from the best show on teevee to just another piece of low-effort trash in the last season.
    I hope the show runners can't even get a job at McDonalds.

  25. Baffles me how people defend season 8, 6 episodes of utter rushed nonsense

  26. “We spent near a decade writing an incredible arc for Jon snow but in the final season it just didn’t feel right”

    Genuinely the best ever thing I’ve heard a show runner say lmao do fucking dumb

  27. Jamie saying “to be honest I never really cared for them, innocent or otherwise” is the most underrated moment of fucking stupidity I’ve heard, his whole damn character is based on a moment of his life where he made a huge sacrifice to save those people. Just fucking incredible

  28. 4:20 it was obviously the bells that did it, the bells from drakengard…

  29. "But It's Devoid of Logic"
    But nothing, it was devoid of logic already.

  30. man im glad i only watched like 3 or 4 seasons

  31. Arya saying "i know a killer when i see one" is just so funny. Like no shit she's a killer, but she just realized that after everything


  33. More like season 8 and it’s devoid of logic

  34. When they rang the bells, and Daenerys was giving the Red Keep the death stare, I was ready for her to fly over and bury Cersei beneath the rubble (along with the people Cersei brought in as hostages)… but no… she proceeds to destroy everything ELSE and gives time for Cersei to make her escape.

  35. So many mistakes that they rightfully earned the badge Dumb and Dumber.

  36. In one fell swoop the freys were dispatched. in one fell swoop the sons of the harpy were dispatched. in one feel swoop the dothraki were dispatched.

  37. It's been 5 years and I'm still more mind blown than Oberyn Martell

  38. “Jon Snow has always been the hero and fighting the White Walkers has always been his story arc. I know we built him up to be the prophesied Prince Who Was Promised AKA Azor Ahai Reborn who is destined to destroy the darkness, but nope. That’s too predictable. Instead we want to contradict all of our foreshadowing and completely undo everything we’ve been established in the last 3 seasons. We thought it be a much better idea to have Arya leap in out of nowhere and kill the Night King in the most anticlimactic way possible! 😃 No epic sword fight. No Jon fulfilling the prophecy and becoming The Lord of Lights Champion wielding a magical flaming sword. No, instead we’re going to give our audience the shittiest, most brain dead ending possible and try to convince them it was the decision because it subverts expectations. How could they not love it?! 😁”

  39. The "But" in the title is frivolous, superfluous, and uncessessary.

  40. Never liked Danny, ever since she cheated on Drogo with her servant…

  41. I actually wasn't expecting that you would make this video. Thanks anyway 😁

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