GoT Season 8 Being Devoid of Logic 2 -

GoT Season 8 Being Devoid of Logic 2

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A funny Minutes Straight Game of Thrones video!! There are a lot of funny edits and I use text edits as a form of commentary to add something new to video in the form of funny character expressions. This video centers around there not being any logic in Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

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  1. whats the point of the nights watch when the night king is dead

  2. Just rewatched it, it even gets worse after all the hype and good feels are gone haha

  3. I'm dying of laughter 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  4. Also does the Night’s Watch as an institution even serve a purpose after the show?
    The Army of the Dead is defeated as well as the Night King, the Wildlings are at the bare minimum at peace with the North, so they’re just chilling at the Wall???

  5. amazing how a fucking CULTURAL PHENOMENON bigger than anything else is now completely forgotten.
    How do you screw this up so bad?

  6. My least favorite part about the last few seasons isnt anything to do with the plot, nothing to do with how rushed it was, no, it was Jon Snow, a man living in a medieval universe, said, and i quote, "whats up" it just feels like they forgot about that part the most, that this story is as much about feudalism and the cultures it brings than dragons and magic, and well you know, cocks according to D&D

  7. Oh uhh…. I was urm… Really .. PLEASED. Uh with that. That says it all lmao

  8. I'm not a fantastic writer, nor can I really spot bad writing when I see it, but season 8 definitely had a bunch of moments where even I was iffy about the writing. I mainly rate based on enjoyment, and I'm a big fan of dragons, so it was an 8/10 for me. Though if I was a critic I would've given it a 3/10 after seeing a bunch of video's about everything bad in season 8

  9. would absolutely kneel for King Gendry Baratheon first of his name yadda yadda 🥵

  10. HATE HATE HATE Dumb and Dumber for ruining this amazing show .

  11. Honestly it's a testament to the actors who clearly weren't happy with the season but still learned the lines and acted them so well, now that's professionalism

  12. S8 was not all bad, except the last 2 episodes

  13. Arya just peaceing out west of westeros is just the stupidest thing ever they should be worried that she isnt gonna come back… ever. Like she has no sailing experience she's gonna die Jon.

  14. the dumbest is the dothraki MAN EVERY TIME I SEE IT AHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHHA so much hype THEY HAVE FIRE SWORDS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW………. we have to defend winterfell with all of the men we have proceeds to send out AT LEAST HALF of there forces to die in the middle of the fields i just cant help but think that it had way to much help from production

  15. You guys won't believe this, but this really happened!! At 0:34 when Tyrion talked so much that he stopped working and went into a windows bluescreen of death, my computer actually froze and I got a windows bluescreen of death and needed to restart!! You could actually see both windows bluescreen of deaths on top of each other. :O So yeah I don't know, I guess Tyrion talked so much my computer couldn't handle it either.

  16. Actually john snow not dying from the fire might be the smartest thing in the season, aren’t targeryans immune to fire?

  17. "Who has a better story… than Bran the Broken?"
    Um, Hotpie? Ros? Karl "Fookin" Tanner?
    The guy who gets hit by the wildfire bell, has a better story!
    David? Daniel? off to bed, without any supper!

  18. They made all the smartest characters into utter morons in the final 2 seasons and change.

  19. Hot Pie for King! 👏 More useful than Bran indeed!

  20. There will never be two bigger losers in the history of life then these two writers. Should be locked up for this shit honestly.

  21. Arya: no one knows whats west of westeros
    Bran: i literally know everything thats every happened

  22. " For season 8 is dark and full of errors ! "

  23. The end of the Dothraki really butt hurt you didn’t it? You mention it multiple times every video 😆

  24. the golden company's horse was named 2000, andre 2000 to be exact.

  25. It wasn’t that Jon didn’t kill the Night King. It’s that he didn’t fight him at all. Maybe Jon fights him and loses, the Walkers pin him down and the NK is leaning down to turn him into a Walker. While he is distracted with that Arya comes out of nowhere and stabs him. You “subvert expectations” but you get something satisfying.

  26. Bran: "Sorry bro, you gotta go"
    Jon: "You said I'm the rightful heir, no?"🥺
    Bran: "I did, but this Greyworm guy is pretty stubborn" 🤷

  27. Season 2 –: I am not questioning your honor i am denying its existence 🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥
    Season 7-8 –: that was a joke lol 😂😂

  28. My biggest issue with Jon snow part was why would they send him to the wall like what’s left of grey worms people isn’t much they have a big army left that would all stand with Jon plus they could have had ayah just take grey worms out and stand in his place and say he’s forgiven 😂 I mean she is a faceless man able to be anyone you gonna tell me she was cool with that part the prince that was promised all the way back to house of the dragon as it’s been revealed even by name saying it must be Aegon which is Jon’s name.

  29. Why point out the "2000"? Those infantry rectangles seem to be 6 men deep and around 30 long, x8 rectangles, that's about 1500 men. Add a few more off camera and we're there.

  30. Euron climbing out at the exact right spot and shit like that is basically a 2-hour supercut theatrical release of a B-rated movie kinda bs. Not a longass running show with supposed major story depth.

  31. I <3 your Spongebob meme at the beginning. Ghost absolutely should've been crowned King. He's the only good boy left in Westeros. XD

    And seriously, that line "Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?" is just…it's insulting. Literally HOT PIE has a better arc than Bran does. It's incredible.

  32. GoT is going to be the best series ever once we get AI and fix it ourselves.

  33. 1:22…..really wonder what was going through his mind at the time

  34. 5:17 I calculated roughly 1248 bastards with spears and a shield

  35. Biggest upset in the history of television 🙃

  36. Imagine Podrick becoming a king….I would call that an acceptable plot twist

  37. Bruh Bran staring at Arya when she said she was gonna go find out what's west of Westeros he's like "is anyone gonna tell her? Shit I'm not then if she wanna be stupid and die go ahead'

  38. you could make a devoid of logic for the entire show not just 1 season you should do house of the dragon too becasue to me prequels are poop if you know it all ends with season 8. I dont care to hear about no profecy lol its all lies the dagger means nothing jon gets sent to snow land it all is actually dumb if you really think about it … alll the mystery and lore poop because we know the end lol also in house of the dragons which is way before GOT how is there not like any magic or anything over this tuff tbh

  39. Reminding Cersei of her pregnancy and therefore all her dead children should make her even more likely to just let her scorpions and crossbowmen fire to rule out any possibility of that ever repeating again. Why not go up to Cersei and let the mountain hold his sword against your neck next time? Would have made just as much sense with the danger you're putting yourself in.

  40. "Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?"

    Like 90% of the mfs there????

  41. It’s just nice to realise I’m not alone in being frustrated by, not just horrible writing but and absence of logic or consistency. I really think someone should re do season 8, the world would love them for it.

  42. varys made the same mistake ned did, informed all the world but didn't think of leaving the place 🙂

  43. Do you think everyone involved has it in their contract they cant talk freely about how badly the show ended? I've not met a single person who liked season 8 lol

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