Getting PERFECT SCORES on Logic Games || Harvard Law Grad and 177 Scorer -

Getting PERFECT SCORES on Logic Games || Harvard Law Grad and 177 Scorer

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  1. i'm stumped on some of the deductions? should we just reverse engineer the answers and use your repetition technique?

  2. I saw an article that the LSAT is changing in 2023 to remove logic games. Do you have any insight into the replacement?

  3. when you re do the game how do you prevent yourself from taking shortcuts because you already know the answers?

  4. the LSAT is fucking barbaric. oh, and Blueprint LSAT SUCKS!!!!!!

  5. I just took the June lsat. The Thursday before the test I took my last practice test under all conditions and online, on that test I got a 174. Then on the real test I got a 165, any tips or advice? I’m going to take it again in September

  6. Thanks for this! Actually helpful and not vague like a lot of LSAT advice is

  7. Do these three steps apply to Logical Reasoning as well?

  8. Any 170 + scorers on the LSAT flex ? I’m taking mine in November !

  9. Would you say that realistically any logic game no matter the difficulty can be completed in 8 minutes or less? Strategy I have previously been told is there are usually at least ONE very easy logic game and to use more time on the more difficult ones as a strategy.

  10. I want to see a video on how to perfect diagramming conditional statements.

  11. Do you only offer private tutoring? Is there an online course available?

  12. These tips are amazing. I’m going to try this out, I’ll be back to update how it goes. 🙂

  13. Loving the ESV Study Bible in the bookshelf!

  14. Arent lsac removing logic games? If yes, any idea when?

  15. Breaking down the LSAT. What is the ranking of the most difficult sections, in your opinion and/or why? Is still feel that RC can be tricky, but takes the least amount of time to study. Am I wrong? It says to study for 300 hours cumulatively. But I don't think that's nowhere near enough. Because, I think that's not including taking all of the practice exams. Tips and pointers on the LR and RC would help. Do you know where I can take a diagnostic scored LSAT exam online?

  16. This is my weakest link thank you for the tips

  17. Thanks for the video.
    Do you suggest redoing the game immediately after?
    If so, would it matter if you remember the right answer?
    Or take it, take another one (or do something else to clear your head), then take it again?
    Thanks again!

  18. So when we re- do it the second time after getting it wrong did we look at the answer on how to do it before doing it the second time ?

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